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The Pregnancy Test -Season 1 Episode 8


So what’s up? or are you not going to gist me about what happened? Michelle asked
I will gist you, but you need to promise me you are not going to tell anybody most especially Gaius, I said
We have been friends from childhood, I did not expect such a question from you?
Am sorry, but I need to be sure.
Okay, I will not tell anybody
( I explained everything to Michelle)
You mean what? You slept with the doctor? Michelle said in anger.
Yes I did,
I did it to prevent my parents of doing a test on me, I don’t know maybe I am pregnant, am scared.
Didn’t you and Gaius used condom when having sex?
Yes we do, but sometimes we normally do it without using condom.
I still can’t believe you slept with your family doctor, how could you?
What do you expect me to do? That’s was the way out I can think that moment.
But what if you are not pregnant before sleeping with the doctor, don’t you think for you having sex with the doctor can even lead to the pregnancy you are scared of having?
Am scared, I said crying
Okay, how are you feeling now?
Horrible, I don’t know myself anymore, I just want to kill myself.
Stop it? How could you say that? Is that the solution now?
So what did Gaius said about this?
He said we will talk more about it if we meet today.

How far babe? Am good I answered
Why is your face like this?
Nothing, except what I told you on phone, am really scared Gaius, what if I am pregnant with your baby?
That is not possible, because I am not ready to accept any pregnancy or we will abort it.
What? I said in shock.
Abort? Is that what you are supposed to tell me? When you are fuc**ing me without using condom don’t you know it will result to pregnancy? I said while crying.So you mean if I am with your baby you are not going accept the pregnancy. I can see you don’t love me, you only love sex that’s all.
Anyways, am doing tests tomorrow.

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