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The Pregnancy Test -Season 1 Episode 5


What? There is nothing new in this,
I haven’t kill anybody, I said getting closer to him, touching him in his face, he removed my hand away,
Let’s just do this I said calmly.

I removed my clothes gently, and I looked at him
He was confused, he doesn’t know what to do

Oh God, why are you doing this to me? For crying out loud, you are a daughter of a respected and popular pastor,
How can you bring shame to your family and the church itself?

So? If I am a pastor child nko, how does it affect this moment,
I am so h—y right now, let’s just do this, is not going to take us up to 20 minute I said in my best seductive voice

He was just looking at me as I get closer to him

I can see, his really falling for this

My lips touched his brain as they touched his lips and drop my eyelids in imitation

He dragged me more closer to his face and started kissing me hard

I felt h—y, I just want him to put his f–k**ng d–k into my p—y.

He pushed me to the bed

Wow this is what I was waiting for

He removed his trouser and started f–k**ng me behind in a doggy style

( 25 minutes later)

We both get out of the room smiling,
I see my parents chatting with a nurse
When they see us coming they both come closer to us

Weldone doctor, my dad said
Yes sir, let’s go to my office. the doctor said

Have done some test, it came out negative, she is not pregnant, she just have typhoid

My parents look at each other

But doctor, why do she vomit everyday and mostly in the morning, my mom said

It do happen, the doctor replied

Anyways, am happy about the results, because I can’t imagine the shame it will bring to the family and the church itself, my dad said

Honey, my mom said looking at me, we are really sorry about…….

I hissed (mtchewwww) and walked away

I don’t really know what my parents think of me, because I have never done that before, Anyways, that not of my f–k**ng business, as far I have prevented them for not carrying a test on me.

Hmmmmmm. The story just began

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