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The Pregnancy Test -Season 1 Episode 4



WRITTEN BY- Authoress Mary


We got to the hospital.

We saw the doctor trying to go out, when he sighted us, he came towards us.

Good day Sir/Ma

Doctor, good morning, my dad replied.
Good morning sir, I greeted
How are you Atara, you are now a big girl now, he said
I looked at him and smile

Hope no problem sir? Because if I could remember, you came last week for check up sir, the doctor said

No problem, just that I have some issue to solve, my dad replied
Okay let’s go inside to talk about it sir.


We saw some changes in our daughter, which is not good, my mom said.
I looked at my mom with a bad eyes 🙄

Yes changes doctor.
She had developed some changes we don’t understand, since she come back from school.
She don’t talk to anyone, she vomit all day mostly in the morning, just look at how pale she is.

Me and my wife are thinking you should do a pregnancy test for her.

Pregnancy test? the doctor said with shocked looking at me.
Atara!! How do you feel? the doctor asked
Am really good, am perfectly okay, I don’t know where they get the idea of me being pregnant, am really disappointed with them for not trusting their daughter.

Okay, we will do a test on her now, sir “the doctor said”

Go up stairs, the fourth room by your right, wait for me there, “the doctor said

I stood up
Okay doctor, I replied

I waited patiently for the doctor, thinking what to do next

(25 minutes, the doctor came in)

Hi! The doctor said
Am good
I hope this results is coming out good.
Yeah I said trying to lock the door with a key

Why are you locking the door? he asked.

Nothing, just to make sure nobody disturb us, I said

I looked at him in a seductive manner
I came closed to him, trying to kiss him, he pushed me hard to the wall

What are you trying to do?
How can you?
A well and respected pastor daughter, he said in anger.


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