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The Pregnancy Test -Season 1 Episode 11

what do you mean Atara? How is it your dad fault? my mom asked with surprised

Daddy have been……….I said stammering
Daddy have been what? my mom shouted at me

Am sorry mom, I did not have any choice, he said he will kill me if I resist or talk.

Atara stop beating around the bush, just tell me what happened? mom is here, nobody can cause you any harm and moreover your dad can’t hurt you.

mummy am scared.
Don’t be scared, nobody is going to hurt you.

Daddy have been sleeping with me, I said stammering

Daddy have been what? Sleeping with you?
My mom looked at my dad.
Darling tell me your daughter is lying.
Honey, why would you believe her, how can I sleep with our daughter? my dad said
And you, How dare you lie to your mom?
Are you okay? my dad shouted at me

Dad stop it, Am tired of lying. At this point, if you want to kill me, I will accept it because my life is miserable, am not a normal human being, e said crying.

Mom, I will tell you everything
Dad have been coolval Stories sleeping with me, since I was 14yrs till now (20yrs) he has keep having sex with me. I said crying.

Am addicted to sex, I can not do without having sex a day. Since then I have been sleeping with anybody I feel like having sex with. Am so sorry mom. please do forgive me.

My mom was shattered, she doesn’t know what to do, she sat on the floor crying uncontrollable.

How could you Kelvin? How could you? my mom shouted at my dad in anger.
Is it because she is not your daughter? my mom said in pain.
What? mom, what do you mean, he is not my father?
my mom ignored my question

What do you call yourself? A pastor? most of your sermon, you preach more about fornication, Adultery and so on like that.
I did not expect you to do this to me.
I respected you, I did what a woman can offer her husband, I personally cooked for you, wash for you and give you sex anytime you asked for it without complaining. What else do you want? my mom said in tears
You are animal, you are not supposed to be living with human being and I will make sure you are dwelt with for sleeping with my daughter. Everyone most know about this Kelvin, trust me, you know anything concerning my daughter I don’t joke with it.

Darling am sorry, is not my work, is the work of the devil, my dad pleaded

What devil Kelvin? I will never forgive you and this is the end of our marriage. Am done with you.

Atara, go pack your things, we are moving from this place today, this minutes my mom said in anger

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  • first of all I would like to advise men ,try your possible best to provide something for your wife around the house or the house,it will help your wife to be monitoring your children and play the role of a good mother to them .
    daddy left the house with Mom . definitely the children will misbehave .
    mother’s please try and open up with your children if they up 12yers don’t hide anything at all . because if them no learn from you them will not know .
    I rest my case .

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