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The Pregnancy Test -Season 1 [Episode 1 – 16]

The Pregnancy Test

The Pregnancy Test

It happened one Friday evening, when I was in my room meditating on my life, when I heard a knock on my door.

Who is that? I said
It’s me “nanny”, your parents needed your attention ma, replied my nanny.
Where are they? I said in annoyance.😬
They are in their bedroom, replied nanny
Okay, I said with a low tone. Hissing ( mtchewwww)

I got up from the bed reluctantly, put on my dress 👗 because I wasn’t putting anything on.

I got to my parents room, I met them chatting with a low tone, but immediately they saw me, they kept quiet.

Good evening mom, Good evening dad, I greeted
How are you? My mom asked
Am good mom.
For a minutes my parents did not said anything, they kept staring at me, that moment I kept wandering what’s on their mind, I was very nervous, I didn’t know what I should do, maybe to talk or keep waiting for my parents to break the silence.
I can’t take the silence anymore and I then broke the silence,😔😔😔😔

Mom …dad didn’t you called for me, or what’s really happening? Why are you staring at me like that? Hope no problem.

Do you know why we called for you? My dad asked
Maybe for evening devotion or I don’t know, I said stammering.

Honey….(Sighed softly) you know me and your dad love you, and you also know, there is nothing you asked for we did not provide or give you? Asked my mom

Yes! I know you and dad love me. I replied with a low tone.

Then what is wrong with you? My Mom asked angrily.
I wasn’t expecting such a question and my mom had not talked to me in such a manners. I looked at my dad and mom and I replied Noo…thing stammering.
Don’t say nothing, you hardly eat, talk to anyone, and you hardly come out of your room, since you have come back from school, my dad said angrily.
Your nanny told us you vomit all day and you sleep alot this days. And you and I know you are not a sleep lover. My mom added
Mom I said with annoyance, there is nothing wrong with me, I am perfectly okay
Don’t tell me you are okay, look at yourself, you are so pale….oh gosh ( she sighed heavily) let me go straight to the point. Are you pregnant?
I was dumbfounded, where I was standing, is like the ground should open and swallow me, I didn’t know what to reply back, I was just looking like a fool, I gathered courage and answered them.

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