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The One I Want – Season 1 – Episode 9


Mrs Bella’s POV

I walk to and fro inside the sitting room feeling worried for my son and his wellbeing especially….
“What’s if he remember everything?”I asks as tears drop from my eyes

My husband walks in
“He won’t at all and even if he did,he won’t ever leave us again”he said

I sigh
“But what if he sees one of his relative or even..”I said halfway

When my husband hugs me
“It’s okay”he said and I relax in his arms

Yes yes,I’m Bella Royan and my husband is Royan James

I work as a specialist doctor and my husband is a billionaire business man who engage in anything that brings money,I mean raw and clean money to him

I’ve been married for over thirteen Years without fruit of the womb and I’ve tty many tests, drugs even experiment on myself but still,nothing happen

/> My mother in law pressurized my husband to marry another wife but he remain adamant still end and stay with only me

I too beg him to marry but he said NO

I was so frustrated and travel down to Shelley’s city to cool my head off at the beach but I arrived late at night

I still feels so alone in the house so I take a walk across the street when I sees a man tying a young guy to a bike and hurl it inside the sea

I hide myself still he walked away and quickly dive inside the sea

I would have been a perfect swimmer but my dad was so stubborn saying he want me to become a doctor which I’ve no choice than to quit being a swimmer and enrol in a doctor’s own

I swim so deep and find the bike sinking and sinking deep into the sea

I swim after it,untie the boy and swim ashore with him

I do mouth to mouth breathing with him but he seems so cold

I quickly dial my husband phone that night and he pick it up asking where am I?

I told him and explain everything that happen to him

Within an hour,he arrived in a plane and take both of us straight to my hospital and I start my work on him

I first rescue him back to life,then do some necessary steps and there I find out he’s blind

Thanks to multiple learning,I do operations on him and luckily enough,he start seeing but lose his memory

But after like three months,he came back home crying
“Am I really ugly,mom?”he asks me

I sigh deeply
“My son is damn handsome”I said to him

He hiss and face my husband
“Mom is lying right?”he asks

He hugs him and late at night,I asked my husband
“Can I do plastic surgery for him?”I asks

He sigh deeply
“I’ll say yes to it cos that way we’ll make him our son forever with nobody recognising him”he said

I told him too and he accept and by the third day,he’s already through with the surgery thanks to my love who help in giving the necessary equipment for the surgery and he come out looking so hot and Hans
We later name him Nelson and enroll him in Shinning star high school and he’s so brilliant

Apart from being brilliant,he’s a perfect artist

He has draw both me and his dad so many times and we’ve a lot of his drawing in the house

So we support him to be an artist even tho he choose none of our line of work

But after three months when we’re through with the surgery,he starts telling us his heart is missing Shelley’s city like he put something important there that he wanna finds

But we didn’t allow him to go even seize his visa and all but I don’t know he manage to escape to the city without us knowing or how he get the visa back

I turn round and sit down
“But love,what’s that thing you think his heart is missing in Shelley city?”I asks him

He sit down and face me
“Do you think his mother?”he asks

My heart skip a beat
“Of course not,I’m his mother and ever be his mother”I said crying now

He brings out a love shape❤ from his bag and give me
“Yes you’ll forever be his mother but we can’t deny the reality”he said to me

I collect it and hug him
“I really suffer much on him so he can’t leave me right?”I asks

He nods
“He’ll never leave you,you know he care much for you and even I’m jealous of that”he said and I laugh

Yes it right,he truly loves me more than his father and he begs sometimes even on his kneels before he’ll draw him cos he only said I’m the only human he’ll ever draw

I laugh
“I do love Nelson so much,I love our son”I said crying

He SIG”and he do love you too”he said and hugs me tight

I sigh and sigh and just wish he won’t ever leave me or his dad cos we’ve come to love and adore him so much even more than ourselves

Nelson’s POV💖

I jump down from the bike and jump to her front
“Hey”I said scaring her

She hiss
“You again”she said hitting me

She made to hit me again when she screams
“Oh my head”she said

I first thought she’s teasing me but when I look at her eyes as tears drop from it,I feel my heart ripping apart
“WHY?”I asks my heart

She point to her pocket and I dip my hand inside it bringing out a small bottle and she raise two finger up

I quickly take two dose and give it to her as she swallow it immediately then slump in my arms

I quickly off my hoodie sweater and wear it fro her then carry her up rushing to the camp I sees earlier

I arrives there and shout
“Hello here”I said screaming

A middle age man and woman rush out of the camp
“What happening?”they asks me

I sigh
“She just slump in my arms,don’t know what happen”I said

The woman sigh
“Is the pain starting again?”she asks with tears in her eyes

The man gesture to me
“Bring her here”he said

I bend down and enter the camp then place her carefully on the bed and sigh
“Will she be okay?”I asks

They nod and the man turn to me
“Did you see her use her drugs?”he asks

I stretch my hand and give him the little bottle
“This rght?”I asks

The woman snatch it from me
“Yes,did she use it?”she asks

I nods
“I’ve given her two dose before she faints”I said

She hugs me immediately
“God bless you,my son”she said

I feel pain in my head too as she said ‘my son’ but I quickly brush it off
“You’re welcome ma’am”I said to her

The man touch me
“Can I know you?”he asks me

I sigh
“I’m Nelson Royan from Sheridan’s city”I said

They gasps
“Sheridan’s city?”they asks

On yeah
“Yes right,my mom a specialist doctor and my dad a billionaire business man”I said smiling

The man smiles
“What a great home and I’m the minister here”he said to me

I hiss
“I know and it cos of you the traffic is so much today”I said blurting out before realising it

I quickly cover my mouth
“I’m sorry sir”I said

He laugh
“I love a bold person”he said laughing and I laugh too

The woman laugh too
“Call me Mrs Cruz and where’s your parents?”she asks me

I stand up and smile
“Gonna go”I said

She rush to my front
“Did you
run away from Homs?”she asks me

I laugh and laugh
“Of course NOT”I said and laugh again

The man moves to me
“It true but why?”he asks

I dare not lie here or I’ll rot in the prison
“It cos,it cause I mean it because…”I said stammering

When a guy rush in
“Who’s he?”he asks

I turn immediately to face him and anger surge through me as I looks at him

He smiles immediately he sees my face
“Oh gosh,so handsome!”he said exclaiming

I don’t know why or why but I kinda hate this guy so much

I force a smile
“Hi I’m Nelson and you’re?”I asks about to shake him

But someone else rush in and take my hand
“I’m Katherine,Kath for short”she said beaming happily

I turn to her and smile brightly
“You’re so beautiful,milady”I said and kiss her hand

She blush and tap me lightly
“Oh thanks Hans”she said

The minister laugh
“She’s always blushing when she sees handsome guy especially ME”he said and we all erupt up laughing

Mrs Cruz hiss
“Is he not handsome?”she asks hugging her husband

We just look away and laugh

Someone laugh too
“Of course,dad is so handsome”we all turn to see the girl I brings in laughing

My heart melt away as I sees her laughing and I feel like kissing the hell out of her

We all move to her side
“Are you okay,Natalie?”they asks her

She smiles brightly
“Yes I’m,dear family”she said

Oh dear heart,don’t dare fall in love cos I’m full with life not to talk of love
“I’m going crazy”I blurt out not knowing

She turn to me
“YOU!”she said screaming

I laugh looking at her
“Hi beauty”I said

She sprang up and dash at me as I run outside the camp

She throe sand at me
“Don’t let me catch you or you’re so dead”she said and run after me

I run away
“What did I do?”I asks still running

She off her shoe and throw it at me
“He’s asking me what he did huh”she said

She chase me nonstop and when I sees I can’t run again and she’s still chasing me,I dash toward the sea and jump in
“So cold”I said shivering inside

I was still swimming away when I feel like I’m stuck inside as I sees blur images flash through my mind and I hold my head tight not wanting to scream in pain

I sees someone swimming towards me and I look at her and sees a guy drawing her face on a white sheet of paper but I didn’t see the guy’s face

She swim to me and pull me out and that’s arise another image flashing through me

She pull me out and do mouth to mouth for me and I smiles as I pull her close and kiss her
“I love your lips”I said smiling brightly

She glare at me
“I told you,you’re so dead”she said and hit me so hard on the head as I black out

I wake up late in the night and finds out I’m all alone in the room on the bed

I sit up then stands up and walk out as I sees the minister and his wife sitting down and the guards stand alert

While Kath,the boy and Natalie is cracking some fireworks🎉🎇🎊🎆

I walk to them and they look up at me
you okay,nelson?”they asks

I force a smile
“I’m okay,ma’am and sir”I said

She pat my head
“Go and join them,dear”she said

I walk slowly to them
“Hi”I said

Kath quickly give me two firework
“Light it,Andy”she said looking at the boy

Oh so you’re Andrew,Andy for short right

Natalie pull me away from them
“Are you okay?”she asks touching my forehead

I slap her hand away
“Leave me alone”I said

She sigh
“I’m so sorry”she said rubbing my hand

I smile and peck her
“It’s okay so let enjoy the night”I said and she smiles

She lit the fireworks in my hands as it goes off so beautiful

She clap her hands
“This is beautiful”she said

I whisper in her ear
“You’re much more beautiful”I said and look away to the fireworks

I swear she blush so red like tomatoes🍅🍅🍅 and cover her face before winking at me and I laugh seeing her

Its such a beautiful night as the fireworks crack amazingly and the minister,his wife with the guards look at it and marvel and we too didn’t stop as we crack more and more of it in the late night

Life is so beautiful like fireworks🎆🎊🎇🎉 if we spend it with the dear one in our hearts

It makes us see night that we use to sleep as a play day without feeling tired at all

We play and play and play

And lose the count of time


Cos we’re with the people we love and we dedicate our time I mean our whole time for them as we play,laugh,shout,smile and scream in total joy

Which makes me arrive in a conclusion that


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