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The One I Want – Season 1 – Episode 3

Jake’s POV
We hear the time rings for break as everyone rush out immediately
Natalie turn to me
“Let’s go and eat!”she says to me
I shake my head
“Nah,I’m going to the rooftop to draw!”I said to her
I stands up Carrying my bag and walks out
She follows me later
“I’ll go with you!”she said
We walk side by side when someone comes to my front
“This ugle blind boy again”I already know the person so I just
Walk away when he pulls me back again
“Who the hell are you?”he asks me
Natalie pull me away from him
“Whats wrong with you brother?”she asks angrily
He hiss
“Why will you choose to walk and be seen with some wretched people especially an ugly pig who’s blind?”he asks shaking my hands off from her roughly
moves to my front
“Did I ever choose who as my brother walk and be seen with,have I ever shun people from you even tho they’re all stupid,dumb and crazy even bad ones so never chose for me,big brother!”she said shouting on top her voice
I pinch her lightly
“Enough Nat”I said
She turn swiftly to me
“Shut up Jake!”she said screaming
Her brother hiss
“Did you ever see me with a handicap or someone with deformity?”he asks and snarl
She laugh and laugh
“You’re right bro but that’s THE ONE I WANT to be seen and talk to!”she said putting more strength in the saying
She push her brother away and pull me away roughly and I follow like a blind person I’m
But deep deep down,her word makes my inner glow and it echo repeatedly
“THE ONE I WANT”I thought and smiles
She turn and tap me on the head
“What wrong with you?”she asks me
I quickly close my mouth and frown
“Where are we?”I asks turning round
She laugh and laugh
“We’re at the bed rooftop,stupid!”she says
I hiss
“Heish!”I said
She smil les
“What are we doing here anyway?”she asks me
I turn swiftly to her
“We or I cos I’m the one who says I’m coming here so why asking what are we doing here huh?”I asks and sit on the floor
She pull me up
“That’s place so dirty!”she said
She walks away and return back few minutes
“Find a cloth here!”she said and spread it on the floor and we sit down
I bring out my drawing materials
“Oh yes!”I said smiling
She turn to me
“Oh gosh,who are you drawing?”she asks happily
I turn angrily
“One thing I hate most is distraction so go and eat!”I said
She laugh
“I’ve hold my lips!”she said
I spread the long white sheet of paper and sharpen my pencil then brings out crayons
She clap
“Oh cool”she said shouting
I turn to her again
“Will you shut up,Nat?”I asks her
She sit right again
“Alright”she said
I sharpen my pencil and turn to her
“Is it sharpen enough?”I asks but no reply
I asks again but still no reply
“Is she gone?”I asks and stretch my my hand to her side about to touch her head when
She bites it and slap my hand away
I scream
“Hey that’s what I use to draw,silly
girl!”I said exclaiming
She hiss
“Are you not the one that says I shouldn’t talk then asking foolish question from me huh,stupid boy”she said screaming
Why will she love screaming or did she swallow speaker huh
I hiss
“Is that the reason you wanna choke my hands off huh?”I asks rubbing my hand
She laugh
“Just thanks I’m not a vampire, I would have bite it of f and suck you dry”she said and slap my I hand again
I hiss and shout
“Go away, creepy girl!”I said hissing
She stands up and kick my hand again
“Okay I’ll,stupid boy,heish!”she said and walk away
I hear the door slam shut and sigh
“What a girl huh,what did I say wrong that she almost bite my hands off?”I asks
But suddenly feel so afraid
“Why will silly her talk about vampire huh?”I asks looking around
I hear somone laughing so hard and hard
I hiss
“She’s still here huh!”I said exclaiming
She laugh and rough off my hair
“He’s a scarecrow!”she said and laugh again
I hiss and look down
“Who’s scarecrow?”I asks
She laugh
“So you’re afraid, big baby”she said and laugh again
Oh my life,what a being
I swear if I can see then I would have glue her mouth together with gum or sew it together
She laugh again
“He’s scare and wanna cry”she said and tap me on lightly
I turn fiercely to her
“SHUT UP PLEASE!I said gritting my teeth together
She keeps quiet and sit down beside me
“I’ll keep quiet okay so don’t send me away!”she said calmly
I laugh
“Silly girl!”I said and rub her hair
She lay down
“I’m gentle ok and that’s act is for some crazy actress!”she said and smiles
I chuckles
“Really,gentle Nat?”I asks
She smiles
“Draw now and I’ll be quiet!”she said
I smiles and nod
“Okay gentle Nat!”I said and she smiles
I pick my pencil and turn to her
“Can I draw you?”I asks
She jump up happily
“Really?”she asks
I nods and she rush up hugging me
“I’ve always want someone to draw me especially with only me and the person then colour it and it’ll look exactly like me,then I’ll…!”she said without stopping
That I scream
“I want gentle Nat again!”I said hissing
She hiss and sit down quietly
“Alright boss!”she said
O h gosh,having meet her this few days has turn me too to a parrot hu h
I start drawing her and I can feel she wanna scream her lungs out but is trying to hold it in
I smiles
“I shouldn’t be bad rght?”I asks her
She nods and I smile
“You can talk!”I said d
She scream so loud that I’ve to cover my ears
“This is awesome and Magical!”she said
Oh my Father
“I can’t believe I’m seeing myself in a paper I mean been drawn by someone and it looks so much like me and its so cool!”she said and snatch it it from me
I just look on
She jump on the floor
“This is so much like me and even I’ve flower on my head and I look beautiful even tho I’m more beautiful in person!”she says and laugh so loud
She suddenly turn to me
“Am I talking too much or you’re angry with me or is it cos I’m screaming and ….?”she said and
I cut her off
“No no,I’m enjoying the talking show!”I said and she laugh
She holds my hands
“You know in the life,there’s so much talents bury down cos of money,status or any flaws on them but I wish you won’t ever give up on your dream cos we’re all special and Lucky to be ours,there might be people more beautiful, smart,nice,kind or much more than us but I’m very sure that there will never be someone just like us so let it out!”she said patting me
I smiles
“Thanks,Nat!”I said wondering
She laugh
“I’ve so many side to me so be expecting more!”she said and I laugh
She snatch my pen and stands up
🎤🎶There are so many people in this world
But no matter who we are
Or what are we
Or how we look
We all have our hidden talent and dreams
So common and let it out ttt
Let it go and polish your dreams
Cos it not the flaw or people that matter
It you and your dreams/talent that matter anyway
And it not between you and man
It between you and God anyway
Oh oh ooooh
Yea yea yeah yeahh🎧🎵
I smiles and smil les
“You rock more in singing than dancing!”I said
She sit beside me
“It cos you didn’t see me dance but only hear me!”she said
I laugh
“Yeah right but I’m still rooting now and ever for your singing talent!”I
said rubbing her head
She smiles and smiles
“I wish you see it someday, not today or tomorrow but someday!”she said and rub my cheeks
I smiles and bend down to draw again as a tear drop from my eyes
“Oh Father, I wish you just give me chance to see the girl that makes me smile and never shun me out despite what I’m!”I thought and sigh deeply
No matter where we come from or who we are or what we are,never giveup on your dreams cos this world is like steps after steps,take it slowly but steadily and before we knew it,we’re already on top of the ladder and achieve our dreams
Talents is rare so If lucky to find and discover yours, then shine and shine it very well in fire like gold and in the end,it’ll shine so bright
90% that give up on their dreams and talents are employ by the 30% that never give up
Katherine’s POV🏊
I walk down wearing my swimming trunk and goes to the swimming pool and jump in headlong
I swim and swim then peeps out
“No one here?”I asks looking round
When I sees a woman carrying flowers from the garden about to enter the house
“Hey you!”I said calling to her
She rush to my side and bow down
“Hi ma’am”she sai f
I swim out
“Where’s my maid?”I asks her
She bow down again
“She’s not here yet”she said
What the hell
“Why she’s not here yet?”I asks her
She just bow and didn’t say anything
I hiss
“You can go in”I said and frown
I walk inside and change to a small skirt and top then walk into the parlor
I meet mom calling and dad watching TV
“Why is it that anytime we come to the sitting room,mom is always calling and dad watching TV huh?”I asks angrily
Mom turn to me
“Cos that’s nature calling”she said
Dad smiles
“I’m addicted to the TV especially the station they’re playing ball”he said sitting right
Oh yea,seeing mom will make you think she’s the minister and dad just a nobody
I fold my hands and turn to mom
“I wanna ask for something even tho I’ve already decide that’s what I’m gonna do but don’t want it to be surprise to you,mom.and dad!”I said
They turn to me
“And what’s that,young madam?”they asks Mr
I stands straight and sigh
“I’m asking all the maids to move in to the mansion and be living here cos my maid have not arrived since and I’ve so many things to do!”I said biting my lips
Mom turn to me
“You mean that crook woman huh?”she asks feeling angry already
Dad laugh
“Softly softly and she might be living far that’s why she hasn’t arrive yet!”he said
Oh gosh
“And what the fucking hell concern me in that huh,daddy?”I asks hissing
Mom turn to him
“She must be stupid to think we will take that as an excuse from her huh,what a foolish being”she said rubbing her hair
I rub my hair too
“She’s gonna be fired then another be hired and it a must,they’re all living here from now on”I said in commanding tone
Dad just shrugs
“Okay!”he said surrendering
Talking about someone with an attitude that’s full of anger then it me and mom,we get angry easily and the person we’re angry with is in hell
Dad on his own is a gentle dove, always taking things easy and Natalie too
Only Andrew is the bastard that doesn’t
have resemblance in the house,he doesn’t have any manner whatsoever at all
I walk out immediately and sit on the car then screams
“All maids out here right now!”I said shouting
They all rush out immediately and bow for me
“We’re here ma’am!”they said looking at me
I sit right on the car and hiss
“I want you all to leave everything that you’re doing right now,go to your house and pack your stuffs here cos from now on,you’ll be living with us!”I said fiercely
One come to the front
“I’ve children at home,so how can I cope?”she asks
I hiss
“And what the hell concern me in that?”I asks i feeling angry
She bow again
“They’re little…!”she said halfway
When I cut her o ff
“Are you you dumb or something, I said pack all your stuffs so is the children not among the stuffs,stupid woman?”I said feeling irritated
Another bow
“What about we that have husband?”she asks me
I laugh beating the car with my hands
“Are you telling me that I don’t have right, huh silly woman?”I asks and laugh again
She quickly move back
“I’m sorry ma’am”she said
I frown
“I’m giving you just two hours to be back and whoever is not back by then is fired okay”I said looking at them
They all bow
“Yes ma’am!”they said
I look at them still standing
“Why still here huh,the hours is going already!”I said sitting right
They all rush away and I hiss
“Hey hey!”I said as they rush back again
I point to the gate
“Go home right now!”I said fiercely
They all dash to the gate as the security man open the door for them immediately
I sigh and laugh
“Poverty is not good at all,see as they’re saying ma’am and bowing”I said and laugh
The gate was open wide as my siblings car drives in
“Welcome dear bro and sis!”I said smiling
They rush out and hugs me on the car
“Hi hi big sis!”they said
Natalie turn to me
“Why are they all rushing out?”she asks me
I sigh
“Who are they?”I asks feigning ignorance
Bro rub his chin
“The maids of course!”he said exclaiming
Oh yeah,the poverty bearer
“I just told them all that they should move all their baggages to be living here!”I said looking away
Brother turn my head to his side looking irritated
“What the hell do you mean huh?”he asks angrily
I smiles and rub his hair
“What I mean little kiddo is that from now on,WE together will be living with the maids in this minister’s lodge,right or right?”I says fiercely
He hiss and walk inside
“What a stupid idea!”he muttrr under his breath
I off my shoe and throw it hitting his head
“That’s the final idea,crazy”I said sticking my tongue out at him
Natalie smiles
“He’ll get use to it big sis and nice cool idea anyway at least,no lateness or any manner funky things again!”she said going in
Oh dear me
“Thanks honey!”I said winking at her
I stay on the car till evening when some now rush with their loads
I sigh and cover my nose
“Everyone here and thanks it just few minutes to be gone!”I said as they all
Hurry to my front
“Thanks ma’am!”they chorus
I look back
“James!”I said shouting
The man rush out and bow
“Here ma’am”he said
I hiss
“Show them the big house at the back and let them take their own room and cleans it!”I said pointing the place to him
He bow and face them
“Follow me!”he said as they all troops behind him
Sis comes out peeping after them
I turn to her
“Looking for someone?”I asks her
She smiles faintly and turn to me
“Not at all,just checking all of them out!”she said
Oh hmm,I smell something fishing
“Really?”I asks
She bend down picking my shoe and wear it on my leg
“Really!”she said and smiles
I jump down and face her
“Let’s go!”I said to her
She follow side by side as we walk to the maid’s house
I clear throat and they rush out
“Hi ma’am!”they said
I fold my hands
“Those of you that have little children should make sure they behave or else,I’ll discipline them by myself!”I said and they bow
Sis smiles toward them
“Feel at home and every Saturday and Sunday will be free days for you to visit family and friends!”she said and they beam happily before rushing in
I sigh and turn to o her
“Why that?”I asks
She smiles
“Common sis,they’ve their families and friends too so let’s release them for just that two days!”she said
I stands akimbo
“Just two days huh?”I asks
She smiles and pull me
“Are we not going to the night party again?”she asks me
I jump up happily
“You’ll follow me,dear sis?”I asks her
She pull me as we enter the mansion
“Yes I’ll but borrow me that your silver shoe”she says blinking repeatedly
I hug her
“Just take anything from my room as long as you’re following me to the night party”I said feeling happy
She smiles as we enter my room to get ready for the party night which gonna be lit

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