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The Night I Lost My Virginity (18+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 3]

The night i lost my Virginity

The night i lost my Virginity

Episode 1 Am a guy who is from a christianity home and background though my friends do go to clubs or go to parties anyhow…..i dont follow them coz i think it is nt d way of d Lord…and d bible said show me your friend and i will know who you are….But ve tried to leave dis particular friends but it is nt possible because we ve known each other since when we were small and anytime i leave them,i found out dat religious people like me are few in d community….
As people know me My name is Rollingwealth….and i like to cal myself a holy guy because am a born again christian,ve evangelise d word of God in different places…and ve win souls for God…… Have tried all my best in advisin my friends but they would never change…They are so bad to d extent dat i saw something which i do see wif my uncle….i think the name is C****m…When i asked my Uncle about it…He said it is between him and is Fiancee….and i know my friends did nt ve any fiancee….when i ask dem wat they are using it for… They didnt ans me coz they classify me as a Local Boy….

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