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The New Cleaner – Season 1 – Episode 21


I stood besides the ward, and watched as they operated on Bella, i couldn’t bear it anymore.
I stepped back and sat down..

My hands were trembling as i dialed Julie and zara’s number at the same time.
“Bella….got into …an accident”,i stammered.

“What??’,they both shouted.

“How….which hospital was she admitted?”,Julie asked.

“City hospital”,i replied.

“Ok, i’ll be right there”,zara said.

I cut the call and comforted myself.

‘Bella…….you’ll be fine”,i assured myself.

A lady walked up to me and sat close.

‘I heard….Bella got into an accident’,she said and i turned at her, surprised.

‘How did you know that? And who are you?’,i asked.

‘Oh uh… Kate, Bella’s colleague, and you know how news spread so fast…..’,she replied.

I just stared at her for a while, then rested my head on my arms.

A hand, touched me.
I turned…….Kate?

I gently pushed her hands off.

‘Am fine’,i said.
‘I know you’re just saying that. Well, uh……i know something’,she said.

‘What could that be?’,i asked, less interested.

‘Well…..uh Bella told me uh…..about a threat she uh….well am not sure, it can’t be’,she replied hastily.

‘Threat? Tell me what you know’, i turned to her.

‘Uh…i don’t wanna spread a false news but Bella told me about the threat she received from Julie’,she replied.

Oh my gosh!

‘So are you trying to say that Julie……..

‘Where is Bella?’,Julie asked, rushing towards me.

‘I’ll get going now’,Kate said in form of a whisper, stood up and left.

‘Huh answer me, and who is she? What did she say?’,she asked, looking at me

*i regret ever saving you that day….* the word echoed in my head as i looked at her with fury.

“What? She might be in there right?’,she asked, and ran that way, but i pulled her back.

‘Julie how could you?’.

‘What are you saying? Pls let go, you’re hurting me’,she shrieked

I feel like giving mason a resounding slap.

Why is he stopping me from checking on Bella?

“How could you stoop so low as to doing this to your own bestfriend ?’.

‘Mason what has gotten into you?’,i asked, getting pissed

He pushed me on the floor, and i hurt my ankle.


YEP! it’s working……..great, i just hope Bella doesn’t survive then mason will be mine.



‘mason stop this, what did i do?’,she asked.

‘You must be stupid to ask me such a question’,i replied angrily and she raised her hand to slap me.

‘MASON!,she half yelled. Don’t you ever take the silence and love i have for you as stupidity. You should never forget your place as a mere cleaner got that?’,she added.

I kept mute, and walked away, if i stay here any minute, i might do something stupid!

I stood at the front of the doctor’s office.
After an hour or so, he walked towards his office.

‘You must be the relative of the patient in ward 25c right?’,he asked.

‘Yes we are’,zara and Julie replied, running towards us.

‘Well you guys need to act fast, her life is in danger. We can’t treat her, the injuries are too severe, it seems as if after the terrible accident, she was beaten untop’,he analysed.

‘Geez!’,Julie said.

‘That’s brutal, so like how much are we talking about here?’,zara asked.

‘Well…for flight and stuff, plus estimated.. Amount for treatment….we’ll say 1 billion’,he blurted and zara almost collapsed.

‘We…don’t have that type of money’,Julie stammered.

I thought for a while.
‘I’ll get the money’,i replied. Julie and zara burst out laughing.

‘Where will you get such money from? I get that you want Bella to be well, but don’t make false promises, let’s be serious here’,Julie said, admist laughing.

‘Yea….that’s true’,zara replied.

I ignored their mockery.
I went to the balcony to male a call. I still remember my dad’s number.

‘Dad’, i called out

‘My son, you calling me all of a sudden means you need something from me, so what’s it?’,he asked.

‘You know me well dad, i need 1.2billion’,i blurted.

‘1.2billion, that’s a whole lot. Well i can give it to you, but every thing comes with a price to pay’,he replied.

I breathed out loudly

‘Yes i know’,i replied.

‘Good, we understand each other’,he replied.

I know they wont be able to get such amount, and even if they do, they won’t make it on time…..and boom, Bella will leave this world.


I am just so confused right now. I Dont even know where to start

Damon, its frustrating

Buh mason……that poor lunatic, i get he’s worried but…..he’s filthy poor.

I saw them moving Bella out of her ward.

‘Hey, where are you taking her to?’,i asked.

‘To the car so she’ll be taken to the airport’,a nurse replied hastily and they wheeled her away.

I drew zara’s attention and asked her if she made any payments.

‘Nope i didn’t, i thought you did’,she replied.

I was amused and confused.

What the check is going on?

i left that for later, my friend……no, sis comes first.

We got to the airport and we entered the plane.

Mason looked tensed.
He must be feeling bad cox we made jest of him.

I was about going to say sorry
When a stewardess walked up to him and said

‘Sir, why arent on first class as usual?’.

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