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The New Cleaner – Season 1 – Episode 17


Yea yea…..i couldn’t lose mason, i still had a chance, so i needed to act quickly.
We kissed passionately, as he pulled me closer.
I slowly, unlocked my lips from his, and rested my head on his chest.
“I love you bella”.he said and it warmed her heart.
I could feel butterflies in my stomach.
I smiled broadly, lifting my head.
“I…love you too”.i said in form of a whisper.
He gently pulled me away from him, standing a metre apart.
“I couldn’t hear you, what did you say?”,he asked and i laughed.
“I said i I LOVE YOU”!I shouted.
He gripped me and turned around, then kissed me on the forehead.
We went close to the river and sat down, throwing stones aimlessly.
“Why did it have to be the day before we leave, that you confessed your love?”.he
asked, looking at the river.
“I don’t know, i guess seeing you and Julie triggered my emotion and i finally got
to understand the feelings i have for you”,i replied, and threw a stone.
“So………the first time you kissed me, you already liked me?”i asked.
“Oh….am not sure, i just had that urge”,he replied.
“Oh i see….so when did you start loving me?”.i asked.
“The day i stopped being afraid of you”,he replied to my greatest surprise.
“You were afraid of me, but…..i was nice to you”,i replied.
“Yea, and it increased my level of fear”he, replied.
“Why?”,i asked, confused
“Well, you don’t know this but i have seen you…fighting”.
“Ohhhhh, awkward”.i said, and turned my face.
“Yea….and so when you acted nice to me, i got even more scared, you might harm
me”,he replied.
“Oh, so what made you not to be scared of me anymore?”.
“Well, i saw you one night helping an old lady, and you saved two student’s live, so
i knew you had emotions, and you weren’t a killer machine”,he replied and i

“Its getting late, we should head back”!i said.
I helped her up and we got back.
“Last day here, i think we should eat together”.zara suggested as we reached.
“Am in”,i said.
“No harm in it”,Julie said and sat down.
“Am in too”,bella said.
“Am i invited?”,Jeremy asked.
“Sure”,we all echoed.
We sat down, in a circular form.
They were varieties of food, i picked up a beef, Julie and bella sat besides me.
“Since we all here, i would like to say something”.zara announced.
“The floor is all yours”.
“Uh well, its official” said, looking at our faces.
“What’s official?”.
“Zara and i are dating”.Jeremy said,breaking the silence.
“Whoa”, we all clapped and cheered.
We popped a champagne and drank to our satisfaction.
We ate, talked, had dun, and all went to our various tents by midnight.
Couldn’t slee, i turned from side to side.
It was really dark.
I didnt wanna turn on a torchlight or candle, someone walked in, it was a female
figure, i guess its bella, the cologne…….
The next minute, she laid on me, rubbing my chest, wait, the hair is curly, belly
has straight hair and…..oh my juli
In few sec, a torch flashed at us….Bella!

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