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The Mystery Of Love – Season 1 Episode 36 [Completed]

Final Episode.
Lucas Pov
After the incident, Mr Williams lawyer called me to discuss about his properties with me, but then he told me that he got a company in Denmark too. I showed him the document i got from late Mr Williams that night he met his death. He confirmed it before he withdraw the Gold company to me, yeah it was a great believe, and since he never knew about my biology, he believes that I’m his biological son, so his Mansion house was withdrawn to me as well, now i think I have it all, this is what my father would have given me if he didn’t kill him that night i said. I left the place around 4pm in the evening, after some minutes driving i got home, this time I and Linda has moved from Henry department to my own house since we heard the news about Mrs Williams death. I got home to see Linda who was busy in the kitchen , Hello love i called before he came to attend to me, we kissed for a while before she discharge me from going further, smile don’t mind me, this is what I’m good at doing. We sat on the chair as i explained everything that happened while i meet with the lawyer, he was happy to hear this, at least this is your right she said. But then she continues, I don’t think we still need to stay here in San Francisco, why not let relocate she said. Firstly i didn’t think it’s necessary, but then i have to reason with her. where do you want I asked, why not let move to Switzerland she said, I saw her raise one eye up. Why Switzerland I said, I think we can start afresh she concluded. Anyway since this is what she want and i also have to think about the fact that we both lost our parents here in San Francisco. It okay we shall be leaving next weekend i said, I saw her feel relief, guess she’s happy to hear that.
*Nine Months later*
Push,push this was all i was hearing as Linda was now in the labour room. I have rushed her down earlier that morning when she started feeling pain all over her body, we got to the hospital earlier that morning, I did the necessary things i need to do before she was later transferred to the labour room, after waiting for about one hours, the doctor came out of the room to meet me, Congratulations sir, your wife just gave birth to a baby girl he said, really I screamed. Thank you very much sir I’m very happy to hear this. It was a good news for me and my wife, seriously now i understand what it takes to have a good home, I love my family and I’m happy, though since our relocation to Switzerland, we have only got few friends, some of them came to congratulate us while we share the memories together.

Aunty Caro Pov.
After i got back to San Francisco that evening, I decided to go check Linda and her Mom since i believe they’re the remaining family i got in San Francisco after the death of my parents . Firstly i was surprised to see the house close down, where’s Linda mom, but since I’m not sure, i went ahead to go ask a neighbor, a lady of her 30th was seen besides the building close the house, i went to meet her at least to know about there whereabouts but what i heard from her really made me burst into tears. She’s dead she said. I couldn’t stop crying. I have known her to be a perfect and hardworking person, she has never been seen causing commotion around the streets. This was all that was coming to my head, how about Linda i managed to ask, she told me she came with a guy some months back and since then the house have been locked down. I ask for her number but guess she didn’t have it. That evening was really a sad one for me. I got home that evening thinking about her death and Linda herself, I don’t know any of their families, but then i remembered when i gave her the chain, I think i later heard about the Gold company she worked with. The following morning I went to the company there I was told about everything from the beginning to the end, all that the chain has caused her family and how Linda’s mom was abducted and how she got killed due to the incident. Seriously i felt like killing myself, so it means the single mistakes i made that night could end up taken away lives. I cried sorrowful, I shouldn’t have went away with the chain, why am i even sleeping with different mens, I cried bitterly. I’m sorry for everything, I knew i worth nothing and my repentance now couldn’t wake the dead, but i promise not to go out with different men’s again, I promise to be myself, I promise not to steal people’s properties before i could finish saying I weep bitterly. I hope i can be forgiven, I hope Linda can see me and forgive me, I knew everything has spoilt including the joy and happiness home Linda and her mom got. I’m sorry Linda!


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