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The Mystery Of Love – Season 1 Episode 35

Episode 35
Linda Pov
After we got back from the hospital. I was weak enough so I slept for a while before i waked up, I guess Lucas and Henry purposely don’t want to disturb me, though Henry followed us to the hospital due to his injuries so he was weak too. After about two and half hours from our arrival, I noticed that Andrew haven’t been home, so i manage to ask Lucas who have been sitting here beside me since our arrival, he told me he went to see his parent which I believed, it’s very important to be with one family, I knew what it means, My family, then i remembered that sudden day aunty Caro came to visit us that day, I shouldn’t have collected the chain from the start, she caused it, she shouldn’t have allowed me to collect the chain. I cried again. my mom, she was my last hope, I can’t believe that I’m not going to see her again, I really couldn’t stop crying, but Henry have been so close to me to stop me from not crying again. After some minutes crying then Henry rushed Inside the room .. Mrs Williams is dead he said, really how, what happened, I’m not too sure but i saw the news from the TV now he said. We all rushed to the sitting room to hear and see the details more. The headline said a strange guy name Andrew Peirera has stabbed her in her neck. Really, who’s this person, to have got this type of courage despite the fact that she was with her body guards, then another report said, the guards were sharp enough to killed him before he could make his way to the river which was under the bridge. This time everyone was curious to see the powerful guy that has this type of courage to do such and maybe we can get more details about him and reason why he did that. But then another report claimed that, they couldn’t traces his background and no reasons can be trace. We all sat down watching, seriously i don’t know what to feel, either happy or sad, but the fact that she’s dead is enough to make us happy, but I have this strange feelings that something is wrong somewhere.

Henry Pov
After hearing the news about the death of Mrs Williams, I rushed in to call Lucas and Linda who seems to be crying, guess Linda is crying but seriously i don’t know why, they both followed me as we watched the TV news, after some minutes the name of the culprit was said to be Andrew Peirera. This was all that was sounding on my head. I have head of that name before, but who could it be, Andrew Peirera, yeah he’s the one Andrew I said.

When i was still in Denmark, one certain day, I was walking down the street that evening when i burst into a fright, some gang men and a guy who seems to be a good fighter, one could tell that he’s very good with martial arts, since i don’t have issues with anyone, I was about leaving to the direction i was going through when a kick got me from behind, guess one of the gang men must have mistakenly hit me and he doesn’t care to say sorry. Hey man what the f–k are you doing I said but before i could finish saying another came to hit me, but thank goodness i was sharp enough to block his leg, I have learned Martial arts when i was younger, then my father want me to become a warrior ,so he make sure i work harder to get stronger. Before he could wave me another hand, I caught him this time, then i hit him on his head, gbooaahh. He fell on the ground, the fright continue for about 20mins before we finished them up, that’s was how i knew Andrew, he followed me home, which he later explain the mission he went to do before those guys came up, they’re the opponent i got, he said. While we both laughed together. Then i asked him about his name and his family which he told me. ANDREW PEIRERA .

I couldn’t believe it, it’s really Andrew but he never said he’s going to meet her, yeah i understand that fact that the woman is wicked and she deserves to die, but i don’t want anyone to get hurt again not even Andrew, I couldn’t stop crying that evening. We have lost him I said to Lucas who Linda was sleeping on his laps, they were surprised to hear me, I saw Linda’s stood up, now sitting rightly. We have lost him, Andrew Peirera. Who’s that? Andrew I said after Lucas asked me. WTF!!!! Linda screamed, but why did he went to do that on his own, why not inform anyone about it, I saw Linda cries out, Lucas was feeling sober to hear about it, it’s another lost . I couldn’t stop crying.. Andrew is gone.

Lucas Pov
After we saw the news on the TV station, seriously i don’t know what to feel, but i can tell you that it’s positive. She deserves to die, she killed Linda’s Mom all because of her stupid interest. But i don’t know why no station was showing the guy that killed her and why he did that, the report said he stabbed her in the neck which make her die immediately but why and who sent him this was all that was coming to my head, after some minutes watching, Henry change the channel which made everyone went back to their room that evening. though we couldn’t identify the criminal that killed her, they didn’t bother to show us. But i think I saw a name Andrew Peirera, but since I’m not sure Andrew is Peirera I went to my room while Linda followed, at lest everything seems good now, it’s a relief that Linda is pregnant for me, now hearing this news about the death of William make me plan to move to Australia with Linda where we planned to settled. I don’t want to have any issues with anyone here in San Francisco.. After about an hour, Henry rushed to the room I was staying with Linda, it a sad news when he told us that Andrew was the same Peirera . Seriously it was another lost of our lives.

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