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The Mystery Of Love – Season 1 Episode 32

Episode 32
Lucas Pov
Before 6:00am in the following morning, we’re both set for the operation. Linda was still sleeping while Andrew was told to stay with her till we get back. We left the house exactly around 6:30am that morning, it was Henry that drove the car while i sit to the next sit beside him. We talked for a while, the plan was to give up the documents while we have the woman back, but who knows, what if they came with intention to hurt and kill I asked him, don’t worry about it, just make sure you follows my instructions, things we be fine he concluded. Well I don’t have any thing to fear of, to me i believe it’s simple negotiation, the document and we have her back, but I know Mrs Williams can be unpredictable, what if she want the document and not ready to let her go, this was all that was pondering on my head when Henry voice cut me off. We’re close to the address he said, you need to wipe up now. Okay i replied while i quickly wiped up, after some turning we got to the place, the estate was dry and cool, from view of things, I don’t believe people stay or live close to this estate, the estate was silent to be compare with a grave yard, only the voice of the bed can be heard. Before we opened up, Henry call with an unknown number to confirm if they’re here with the woman. They picked up the call while she was shown from a distance, Henry showed the document too to show that we also got what they want but from the look of things here on my on my own views, I’m suspicious about those guys, Henry we need to be careful, he nodded before opening the car while i waited in the car.
Henry Pov
After i got down from the car I noticed a guy from the distance hiding around the bush, then my instincts told me the guy was sent to assassinate the woman we came for after they must have gotten the document. I walked in through the middle between where i parked and their car, I don’t know how many they’re, but from the view of things here that i can see, they were four in numbers, plus the other one hiding made them five, but I’m very sure they weren’t aware that i know about the hiding guy. I raised the document up in other to show that i have it with me so they can come with the woman as well, after some minutes waiting, then a guy of his 40th maybe came with a woman of her 50th, who has a gray hair she was weak from the view of things, I noticed she was been forced to walk. After series of dragging, they brought her to where i was standing, I looked at her in a sign that means run to the car after the count of three while she nodded. I was about counting the last number when I noticed the guy hidden around the bush, “Gboaahhhhhhh” I guess he must have timed wrong, because I’m yet to give out the document with me, I quickly rushed to cover the woman who was also by then running to the car, then the gun got me on my arm.. Thank goodness Lucas was fast enough to have opened the door, we quickly drive as first as we can, then they came following us I tried shooting but they followed us with full forced in other to got us down, they kept shooting while i managed to defend and shoot too, this time all the glasses covering the car were broken down, the gun kept coming over and over again, I was shooting but the speed was too much and due to the injury on my arms, I couldn’t hold the gun very well, blood keep coming out from the injury, they kept shooting while Lucas was seriously driving at least to get out of this f—–g grave yard call estate. This time one of the bullet got the side mirror glass down, one of them must have been targeting Lucas since they know he’s the one driving . Thank goodness i was able to noticed him in time, I aim the gun at him whom later dropped from the bus. But the remaining guys still continue shooting at me while Lucas kept on driving, this time I was tired the injury i got couldn’t allowed me, I just covered my self from the gun while Lucas kept speeding up. The shooting and killing last for over 35mins before i noticed that they have went back from following us. I checked to look if they are still following then i saw them from afar, guess someone must have oreded them to stop or they couldn’t pass the boundary of that estate. Thank goodness we made it pass the estate, this time I was really weak and tired the injury was worrying me, blood was all over my body, i wasn’t my self again, after some minutes driving Lucas stop the car, Henry he called, I managed to answer just to confirm that everything is fine, then we saw Linda’s mom lifeless, Lucas was the first time see her, hello ma he called severally before we later noticed that one of the bullet had meet her in her chest. WTF!!!! I screamed, Lucas couldn’t stop crying, I was really sad to see her dead. I wasn’t happy about it, the only hope we got was her, but thank goodness that the document is still here with me, Lucas was surprised. Then you killed her Lucas screamed at me, why don’t you drop it and let them go he shouted. Lucas it’s not what you think, I was about explaining when he shorn me again. Don’t just say anything, we both agreed to let the document go so we can have her, now you refused to dropped the document, reason why they kept following and shooting, now she’s dead. Lucas i shouted, just stop this, you can’t stand here and accuse me for what i know nothing about, I was shoot because of her and you’re here telling me that i killed her, is it my fault. Everything i was saying was out of words to him, he was busy crying, I’m sorry Lucas, I don’t mean to see her dead too, they killed her not me i said. We got home around 12pm that afternoon.

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