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The Mystery Of Love – Season 1 Episode 22

Episode 22
Lucas Pov
It was Evening time, I knew i needed to stop all Mom plans for me, they really won’t just work out and i have known her for her stupid and stubbornness, I knew she will surely hurt Linda and her Mom if I refused to go with her plan, she doesn’t care about my feelings, all she care for is her feelings and to make money, but firstly it won’t be easy for me to get her, but i need to do something now at least to stop her, I picked my phone as i dial her number, she picked it up after the second round, Hello ma i said immediately after the phone got connected, I noticed the places and it atmosphere was as silent as a graveyard, I remembered the last time i called her with this atmosphere was the time her sister death was announced after some hours time. I will accepting my date with Clara. I said to her on phone before she replied. Good you made a right choice at this very point. Before the line got disconnected. I sigh, at least, this will give me more time to plan on my own, I went inside to check Linda in her room, she must have slept off, I said to myself as i went to the direction that leads to her room, she was seen sleeping but this time she was crying. Seriously i was surprised to see her in that state, I move closer to her before i lift her up, I’m sorry Linda I knew all this was coming from the so call my family that you knew, but believe me it will be fine, we just have to wait for some more times I said, I noticed she nodded her head as she placed her head on my chest, I missed my Mom she said, I don’t know her welfare, if she’s fine or not, how about if she wasn’t fine, she groaned again. It okay Linda, this time i straighten her head, believe me I will surely do all i can to support you and your Mom, trust me Mrs Williams can be a wicked fellow but I’m sure she can’t be as wise as the creator, all we need is to pray, I said afterward. It will be fine, firstly can you trust me, I asked. She nodded her head which means yes. I have a plan but please believe me it going to be fine and hard for me, But i just have to do it, this is the only way i can protect my love for you I said. I saw her nodded her head again. What’s the plan she asked. I knew it going to look awkward for me to tell her, it won’t look real if she knew, I just have to do this for the sake of my love and for my lost once, yeah I got a little frame, but not to be compare with Mr Williams and his wife, nor do i have money as well, the little i got was given to me by them, so how do i come to attack them with such murder allegation, perhaps i don’t have any evidence, but I’m sure of what i saw that night, but they don’t realize this, not even till now that i have grown big, they still take me for a fool after they killed my family, now they are also planning to kill her family too, the only person that i have ever love. I was lost of thought when she tap me again, what are you thinking, she asked. Nothing Linda it will be fine I replied before i leave her room.

Linda Pov
I have asked him the first time about his plan, but I noticed him for a while, he must have been thinking of something, but what’s he thinking of, I just hope he’s not going to get himself into troubles all because of me, truly ever since he told me that he loves me, I have been noticing him, he was truly sincere about it, he has showed me that i can feel comfortable with him, I have always feel relaxed whenever i am with him, though i don’t have such plan but i just have to think about it again, Lucas is real, he was passing through the same, he lost his family to this same family, so why should i judge him with the Williams family. I think i have my own feelings for him as well. I tapped him as i noticed that he was still in his long thought. What are you thinking, I asked, nothing Linda he replied me before he discharge himself from the room. I knew he’s going through a lot, and he got lots on his mind. He only told me that the plan was for her Maid but when i asked him now i think he got another plan, well he told me to trust him, but why that still baffled me, i just hope things aren’t getting out of hands I pray. Later that evening i went to his kitchen there i saw him there, he was cooking while I’m around, you don’t embarrass me with your manner of cooking while I’m still here, I whispered to his hear, guess he got shock to see me, one could see that he didn’t notice my present even till i got to him, what are you cooking i asked. Baby I’m trying to make some bake for the dinner, he replied , okay you can go back to your room because I’m going to do that for you here I said jokingly. I saw him smile before he replied, you’re my woman and I really don’t want to stress you for any reasons, perhaps you’re my love so just sit while i do the cooking, I knew it’s good for you to cook for me, but I want to always do this for you as well, I’m not tired of cooking for you and i will never get tired of doing this, he said. That’s romantic but no I said jokingly as I went ahead to collect it from him, the closer i tried to move to him the far he kept running away from me, Lucas i screamed as we play and joke in the kitchen. We didn’t realize that the cake Lucas was making have burnt and the house was now fill with smoke, Lucas i called his attention to the smoke, this time I was down while Lucas was putting his head on my chest, we have played and even forgot what we want to eat, immediately he rushed to the kitchen, to off the gas stove. But thank goodness nothing happened except the smoke that fills everywhere. I later i went to meet him, I saw him trying to wash the pot, what happened, I asked him, the cake got burnt, All? i asked yes he replied, I knew how he feels, he truly want to impress me with the cake, but now he felt unhappy, it okay Lucas, I love you more, I said as i saw him look at my direction before he came to meet me, we stare at eachother for a minute before we lock our lips together. Seriously it was like heaven, one could feel the pressure from the room, we kissed for a while before i stopped him. I saw him smile before i smiled back.

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