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The Mystery Of Love – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 36]

The Mystery Of Love

The Mystery Of Love

Title : The Mystery Of Love
Location, San Francisco ,
Date, 30 March 1999,
Time, 09:00Am
Episode 1
It started that I was home that morning, since life have not been easy for me and my family, I was forced to go out in search for a work, but even though my parents were poor, I still appreciate the fact that they sent me to school, I graduated as a degree holder from a local university in San Francisco, since my graduation, things haven’t been fine with me and my mom. I lost my dad a year earlier, after i got admitted. My mom have been taking the responsibility, she make sure I went to school since I refused not to go, despite that we got nothing, neither is assistant coming from anywhere, but all she do was to go here and there just to make sure i also become something in life, That morning I took my CV as I go around the places looking for a job, I knew I needed it so much, I’m the only hope of my family, my mom has done her path, it’s the right time for me to pay her back, but the problem I got is the fact that i couldn’t secure myself with a job, that morning i went to different companies, the results are still the same, “Sorry we got someone earlier before you came” this has been the common foul words I got everytime. I’m always depressed, I just want to work, I don’t mind working anywhere, I have tried all I could, but it’s not working fine
After all my trier, I went back home depressed, I knew mom isn’t happy but her encourage words kept me moving. Just as usual I have always tried sending my cv both offline and online even if it’s any work I just want to do it. I knew it’s all a matter of time, but it’s getting late when shall I even have plan for myself, when is my mom going to be proud of me, all this thinking got me stressed out sometimes. I’m 24, I knew my mates are doing it better, some are going about riding a huge cars, while some are out there making money, but to me, it was not like that, despite the fact that i was good in my education, I got several scholarships throughout my educations, but why am i lacking behind. Gosh I breath out again.
My name is Linda, I’m 24 I responded to a man who’s at the front opposite where I sat down. So Linda what will you have done if this job is given to you? Well I surely would have make it to the task, I knew I have lots on my mind but I can be expressing myself to him, well I will just handle the work as its expected of me I answered in return. I was a later called that evening I got a call from a guy who claimed to be the admin of one of the company I sent my CV to. The appointment was 4:00pm that evening. As usual i was there and the interview went well, I just pray they call me back, I can’t wait to secure a job, I’m serious tired of interviews, I just want to work.

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