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The Mistaken Identity – S01 E20 [Completed]


I was trying to avoid seeing her uncovered boobs since I did not want to get tempted, I agreed to take her dress outside but I left when I had given her one of my T-shirts to wear. Since I was going to work in the company which Mwikali was the General Manager, I did not want to make it a habit sleeping with her.

I took my time outside;I stayed for almost half an hour then went back to the room but found Mwikali still half nude; the T-shirt was on the bed but she had worn my short.

I avoided looking at her and switched on the TV so as to get my eyes off her tempting boobs; I sat on the bed facing away from her and began watching the TV. After she saw that I was not paying attention to her, Mwikali got up from the corner where she was seated and knelt behind me on the bed leaning towards me. She placed her uncovered spongy t–s on my head and got her right hand inside my T-shirt then began caressing my chest gently.

I knew what she was after so I decided to play a trick on her. I took my phone, faked a call and pretended that someone was calling then I gently took her hand off my chest and walked out to receive the call.

Since it was a fake call, when I got out I just locked the phone, placed it back to my pocket and went to chill in the rooftop. I wanted Mwikali to get bored of staying in the house alone so that she could dress up and come out to look for me or even decide to leave.

After about an hour, there was still no sign of her and her dress was still at the rooftop drying. I thought that she had gotten bored and decided to sleep instead so I decided to go back to the house and check.

When I got to the door, I found an extra pair of shoe which was not mine and was not Mwikali’s; it was a masculine shoe. I got curious to know who was in my house with Mwikali.

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Since the door was not closed, I gently pushed the curtain and peeped into the house; I just froze when I saw the guy who was seated next to her on my bed; Mwikali was wearing my short and T-shirt.

Beside her on the bed, sat my neighbour; Lawrence. He was a women addict and had the ability to easily convince a girl to go to bed with him; he would exchange ladies like clothes.

The reason why I froze was not because he was in my house with Mwikali but because he was in my house with only a short and a vest. I had not recognized his shoes outside because they were new and I had not seen him with them before. I was about to walk in and join them when I heard them talk; I stood by the door and listened.

“Sorry I walked in without knocking, I thought it was Haman who was in the house and am used to not knocking whenever I find the door open.” Lawrence said.

“It’s okay, it is not a big deal.” Mwikali replied.

“But you got cute boobs; they look amazing.” Lawrence said as he stared at her chest.

“Thanks. Haman went out, I can go call him for you.” She replied trying to cut off that topic.

“No, I will just come back later or I just wait for him outside; where did he go?.” He asked.

“He got a call and just walked out but I think he is about to come back.” She replied.

“Let me wait for him outside.” Lawrence said.

Mwikali did not know Lawrence was my neighbour so she thought he was a friend from another place who had come to visit me.

“You can just wait for him in here, I am sure he won’t be long.” Mwikali said.

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“Okay, let me just wait from here.” Lawrence replied.

Then there was a moment of silence and all I could hear was the TV talking. The silence went on for almost ten minutes as I stood outside waiting to hear them talk; I got curious to know why they were so quiet.

I peeped through the window and saw Lawrence staring at Mwikali’s thighs. She was seated on the lower part of the bed and he was next to her. Mwikali was busy watching the TV as Lawrence salivated for her thighs and boobs.

He gently placed his hand on her lap and watched her reaction; she did not react. He began moving it around her skin on the uncovered part of the lap and still Mwikali was turning a blind eye.

Lawrence then moved his hand towards her chest and began squeezing her t–s. Mwikali at first ignored then after she saw that it was getting intense, she began removing his hands but he was becoming stubborn.

“Stop it!” She said angrily.

“Come on girl, this is a million dollar chance am offering you; not even Haman can ride you the way I will.” He replied as he tried to kiss her.

He then pulled off the T-shirt she was wearing and began suckling her boobs. Mwikali all of a sudden pushed him off and slapped him hard on the face. Lawrence then grabbed her and pinned her on the bed and began struggling with her short. He was about to untie the short when Mwikali stopped kicking and became calm.

“There is no need for forcing yourself into me because even you will not enjoy! Just ask nicely and I will give it to you!” She said calmly as she grabbed his guitar.

I was perplexed by her sudden behaviour, I got more curious to watch the ongoing drama. Lawrence relaxed and allowed her to caress his manhood. She began untying his short as she took of his vest and then took off the short and he was left nude.

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Mwikali intentionally threw the clothes in a bucket with dirty utensils and water but Laurence did not see since her boobs were keeping him occupied. She allowed him to freely caress her boobs then she took his animal and bent over towards it. Lawrence thought that she was going to give him a blow job so he lay backwards and relaxed.

Mwikali gently took his guitar into her mouth and began massaging it; that got Lawrence carried away. He had a huge guitar but I was not amused by the size of his manhood, I was amused by what Mwikali was doing, I did not even freak out to see his animal.

I was about to walk into the house and bust them when I suddenly heard Lawrence scream in pain. I quickly peeped back into the house and saw Mwikali squeezing his nuts with her hands then she was biting his guitar as hard as she could. Mwikali pulled the guitar with her teeth and continued squeezing his nuts harder making him scream as if he was being killed.

The screaming attracted attention from all my other neighbours who were around and they began to get out of their houses to come and see what was going on. I pretended to have arrived also and I popped into the house like someone who did not know what was going on. When Mwikali saw me, she quickly wore the T-shirt then got off Lawrence and jumped out of bed; Lawrence’s guitar was bleeding.

“Babe I can explain please, it’s not what it looks like!” She said desperately thinking that I was about to judge her.

Before I could respond to her, people began gathering in my room…



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