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The Mistaken Identity – S01 E18


“First walkout I dress up then I will get you some meds; and learn to knock before you get to someone’s room.” She said.

“The door was not closed Lizzie, I was not aware that you were undressed. All the same, those are beautiful boobs you got.” I said smiling.

I then turned and began walking towards the door then it just clicked in my head that I had left Jackie high and now I was the one being left hanging by Lizzie; instead of walking out, I closed the door and walked back to her.

Lizzie thought that I wanted to attack her, I could see the tension in her face as she walked to the corner. She froze then looked at me and asked;

“What are you doing Haman?” Her voice was shaky.

“Calm down Lizzie, I mean you no harm; I just want us to talk.” I said calmly.

“I need to dress up first Haman!” She said with a serious but shaky voice.

“Before I go, I want you to answer me one question please.” I replied politely.

“What?” She asked sounding rude.

“When Teyie knocked me, I was wearing my clothes but when I woke up, I was in new clothes, who changed my clothes?” I asked.

“I did because my boss asked me to.” She replied.

“Good, so you were very much comfortable seeing me nude but you feel uncomfortable when I see you half nude? I am sorry I intruded your privacy Lizzie.” I said calmly then began walking towards the door.

“Wait!” I heard Lizzie say when I was about to open the door.

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I stopped but did not turn to face her; I just stayed calm waiting for her to speak.

“Be honest with me, did you come here for medicine?” She asked with a polite voice.

That was the question I was hoping she would ask. I turned slowly then walked back to where she was standing and took the dress she was covering herself with then took her arms and looked her in the eyes.

“After my accident, your beautiful smile was the very first thing that my eyes saw when I woke up. You gave me hope when I had lost hope, you fought my battles with me when I felt like I was losing; was it all you doing your job or it was your boss who asked you to?” I asked.

“Haman you are an amazing man and I could not let you suffer while I was in a position to help. I help everyone who needs my help.” She replied.

I did not want to talk much since I was not in full control of whatever that was coming out of my mouth, I stared at her then gave her a surprise kiss but she pushed me off and stepped aside; the message was clear, she still felt me sugarless.

“Haman, what are you trying to do?” She asked.

“Lizzie, I think I like you. I am sorry am acting weird but it is because I admire you.” I replied calmly.

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“Am sorry Haman but I can’t do this with you.” She said as she took her dress and wore it.

I felt so embarrassed and ashamed for my actions; I just wished that the ground could just swallow me whole. That was the worst rejection I ever faced.

“You are a sweet guy Haman and I really do like you but I am already taken.” Lizzie said after she noticed I was heartbroken.

“Who is the lucky man?” I asked with a croaked voice.

“Your friend.” She replied.

“Edwin?” I asked curiously.

“Yes, him.” She replied.

It was not a wonder to me since it was very normal; every lady would want to be in favour with the boss or someone close to the boss or if not that, she would want to be with a rich man. I felt like telling Lizzie the truth about Edwin but I chose not to since she would think I was being jealous and also Edwin was like a brother to me. I just laughed lightly and got up.

“What’s funny?” She asked.

“Nothing, I am just excited to hear the good news.” I replied smiling.

“Haman I know he is your friend but please don’t tell him that you were in my room.” She pleaded.

“Lizzie, we don’t go discussing our personal issues with him. After all, nothing happened between us!” I replied sounding a bit pissed off and then walked to the door.

I grabbed some pills from the shelves on my way out and immediately I opened the door, I met with Edwin outside the door on the hallway.

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Edwin was a bit sobber but I could tell that still he was tipsy. He stood bending towards his right, stared at me and asked;

“You are from seeing the nurse?”

“Yeah, am not feeling well.” I replied innocently.

“Did she treat you or you are the one who treated her?” Edwin asked smiling.

“I can’t treat your girl bro.” I replied.

“Haha, she told you that she is my girl?” Edwin asked laughing.

I just nodded my head then asked;

“Where are you headed to?”

“She lied to you bro, she is my concubine and not my girl. Anyways , I am going to the Spa, I need some steaming, wanna join?” He asked.

“No bro, am good; enjoy your sauna session.” I said then unlocked my door and got to my room.

Edwin went ahead to the Spa where I had left Jackie half nude, I did not want him to know that I was there. I was feeling too much heat so I switched on the fan and took off my shirt and trouser, remaining with only my boxer.

I lay on my bed facing up as I allowed the fan to cool my body. After lying on the bed for about twenty minutes staring at the spinning fan, I heard a knock at my door; it was not locked….


Continues in the next Episode.

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