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The Mistaken Identity – S01 E14


“I don’t want your car to grow old fast so today you are going to ride my car.” Edwin said waving his car keys in front of me.

I was already feeling like a king, in my life I had never imagined ever driving a hybrid car which was fully digitized; seating inside it felt like I was in a private jet up in the skies.

Edwin and I went partying and by the time we were back, Teyie had already left but Mwikali was still around. Edwin had drunk too much and danced with some girls in the club, he got exhausted and passed out.

Davis got some of his men take Edwin to his room then I walked to my room feeling tipsy. From the window I could see Mwikali in the swimming pool wearing only a bikini; she looked more cute in that outfit than when she was in a trouser. I could see three quarters of her boobs floating on the water and that made me miss her company back at my humble single room.

Nonetheless, I knew that the house was full of cameras so I just wore my pyjamas and got to bed; I did not want to get caught in between. I had began dozing off when Mwikali walked into my room with a robe around her body.

“Hey, how are you?” She asked.

“Am good, just feeling exhausted.” I replied.

“Would you like some massage? We have an expert in that.” She said.

“Like here in the mansion there is someone for massaging people?” I asked perplexed.

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Mwikali just smiled and said;

“Come with me Ham.”

I got off the bed and followed her out of the room. She took me to the first floor then we walked into a certain room which was full of steam and different kinds of sweet aromas.

In the room, there was a lady in a white dress seated at the desk next to a Jacuzzi. I was not sure if I wanted a massage but the moment I saw the lady doing the massage, I just boarded on with the idea.

“Jackie I brought you a visitor, I believe you haven’t met him before but you will be seeing him around more often; he needs some relaxation.” Mwikali said to the lady.

I had just seen her curves and edges, I had not seen her face well until she came closer to shake my hand; I could not believe my eyes when I saw her face.

Jackie was my highschool girlfriend and we dated for only two week then she just left without any goodbye and I never saw her again until I met her in Teyie’s massage room.

“Haman, I think you are now safe in Jackie’s hands; she is a specialist and will meet your demands.” Mwikali said.

“You are leaving?” I asked.

Jackie then walked back to her desk after greeting me and continued with what she was doing.

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“Yeah, seeing her massage you will make me feel like…” Mwikali replied whispering to my ears then laughed.

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“I miss your massage though.” I replied whispering then winked and bit my lower lip.

Mwikali just smiled and walked away, she was so cautious not to disclose our little dirty secret. Jackie had not recognized me yet. She began preparing her oils then after she was done, she said;

“Take of the clothes sir.” She was still facing the oils shelve

Having never gone for a massage therapy before, I thought that she meant I take off all my cloths. I began with my shirt pyjama then took off the trouser leaving my little man free to catch some air and the steam in the room.

When she turned, her eyes landed on my little man who had began getting excited because of the curvy edges in her and her well curved butt. She quickly looked away then grabbed a towel which was beside her and handed it over to me saying;

“Sir I did not mean all your clothes.”

“There is nothing here you have never seen before, is there?” I asked in a naughty manner.

She ignored my question and asked me to cover myself with the towel. Since she had already seen me nude back when she was my girlfriend, and now again she had seen me nude, I saw no point in covering myself; I took the towel, dropped it on the ground and lay on the massage bench my head facing down. She thought that I had covered myself but when she turned once more, I was lying on the bench nude.

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She took the towel and then came and placed it around my waist covering up to my thighs then began applying oil on my back. She had still not realized that I was the guy banging her when we were in highschool.

Her soft greased touch on my back would remind me of how she used to touch me back then and the effects would go down to the little man.

After massaging my back for almost half an hour, she then asked me to turn and face upwards; I now was having a better view of her. Unlike when she was my girlfriend, Jackie’s boobs had grown bigger and juicer.

She was wearing no brassiere so the steam in the room made her dress stick to her body such that I could see every single part of her body. The feeling down my waist was becoming unbearable, I decided to jog her mind.

“The last time I saw you, you were just a scared little girl; now I see you are a fully grown lady.” I said smiling naughtily.

“Am sorry sir, do I know you?” She asked sounding confused…


Continues in the next Episode.

To Be Continued..

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