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The Mechanic – Season 1 Episode 8

I knew my days at the workshop would end soonest. After my encounter with Kate and Dan, I had began to pack, I chilled a bit to see if any help was coming from Tony but nothing came so I The mysries scared me more and it made me want to know more.
Usually, I did my moving during the day while the two guys worked noiselessly in the garage through out the day.. Only few vans came to deliver stuffs which I don’t know coz even while I packed, I was watched closely and carefully.

Tonight was my last time at the workshop and earlier in the day, my dog had insisted going with me to the workshop, I was surprised at his decision because ever since Eva came into our life, they bonded like they’ve known each other somewhere.
I told Eva I would be coming for her immediately I packed all my stuffs. I should have done it in the day but Mehn, too much operating going on in the garage that I was denied access going into the compound so I had to wait till tonight.

As I trekked to the garage, different thoughts ran in my head, I wondered what could be going on in the garage also the involvement of Kate and Dan in the deal too accompanied by Tony’s lack of strength to even look me in the eye!.

We’re they blackmailing Tony? No never! Dan was a new guy he possibly can’t do that, I mean there is no connection between them but… What about Kate?.. Or is Kate Is girlfriend? Then why the f–k is she threatening her dad!
“F–k!!!” I didn’t know when I said that.
My dog nibbled at my swinging fingers, I was so deep in my thoughts that I forgot he was with me. I pat his head playful and he ate my fingers carefully.
You know, I’ve been through so many things with sparrow, we’ve fought off so many bad guys, we were once together at a festival at kakori village, and so many more. He has always been by my side.


I pushed the main gate gently for my dog to pass while I just squeezed my body in. There was light in Tony’s office and there were rays of light too in the garage but something differents happened – some of the cars were outside and what more? They have their doors fixed, new color.
I didn’t bother to look before I made for my workshop.

Inside, I begun to park what’s left inside available boxes and thankfully, my dog had slipped away to play so I had good time to pack without a dog returning everything.
The work was stressful yeah, but mehn, I was determined, I was going to get to The root all this Shit. After packing all that was there to pack, I decided to take a nap.
I was still sleeping when I hard smell hit my nostrils, I twitched once and Then the smell came again this time it hit me again and Mehn right from sleep, my eyes tore open that I begun to sweat. My vision was a blur one but slowly, I saw sparrow, sitting between my legs, holding something more like a white substance, it was nearly packed flatly and when I got up to examine it well, I received another shocker when I confirmed my dog was holding cocaine between his Teeth…

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