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The Mechanic – Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5
Few weeks later…
I’ve just finished whatever work I’ve got. I wish I brought my dog along – we could Play Frisbee. I had a little chat with Mrs Logy which didnt look promising so I escaped from her quickly.
I was walking across the yard right to the garage when I began to hear voices more like arguments actually.

I tiptoed quickly to the big gate to peep. I couldn’t make out the images well but I saw figures so I got a bench and carefully I climbed to have a better view and Mehn.. I saw Kate standing arms akimbo with her father sitting across her with his hands on his head and I could tell he’s really confused. I heard another differente voice a man’s voice now.

I stood on my toes now to see more and then I saw a man, a man I’ve seen before, a young Man actually, his back Was turned to me but the voice, I know this guy!…
“I thought you really wanted to keep your garage Mr tony”
The guy’s voice boomed again.
“look, I’m sorry, give me more time and I promise I’ll finish your job” Tony shook fearfully in front of the guy.
“I would love to but ion have the time to spare! ”
His voice rose again.
He turned to Kate now
“Explain to your old man why he shouldn’t delay my work”
Kate sighed dropping her hand to her side.
“look dad, You promised you would finish it in no time. And now your time is up already” she said that calmly.
“you” she continued “you wouldn’t wanna loose your little garage would you dad? ”

Foolish girl! -i spat
“I j….us..t ne….ed more t…ime”
You have the doors alright, you have more time so finish up quickly”

Kate walked gently over to the angry guy and rubbed his chest with her hands before placing her lips on his – they kissed for a while before she let go.
I was still in my watch tower when they all began to file towards the door – there were more people inside the garage at least four other guys. On seeing those guys, my thoughts of knowing all of them came back to me.. Who the f–k are these guys, why does it feel like I know them somewhere?…

“so what’s been bothering my mechanic All day?”
Eva asked as she sat offering Me a diet coke.
I took the drink quickly and gulped it down.
“Today, something happened in my workshop…. ” I narrated everything to her.
“Gross!” she remarked
“what kind of girl would put her father’s business on the line for anything”
The talk of father made me remember my dad and Mehn…
My dad and Tony used to be partners before he died, Tony took me in since then and later into the worship. My father was by far older than Tony so I wondered how they worked as partners.

He didn’t leave anythjng behind for me as his only child that I know of other than a letter that he had a possession which was willed to me and I don’t know what it is… I stopped searching actually.

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