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The Mechanic – Season 1 Episode 17 [Completed]

The last episode.
Many months later…
“that’s enough resting boys ” I ordered some lazy lads lurking around the worksop.
“I pay you cash for work not for napping you fools! ” I barked at them making them scamper away back to the garage.
I straightened my suit as I stepped into the elevator .
“you have a visitor boss” Kate announced sweetly as I stepped out of the elevator.
Her voice is just as amusing as ever even though there’s much story behind it all.
“let’s see.. ” I replied courtly as I sat in my big chair.
“first, you’re meeting Mr kozan from Ab cars and later chuks and minister Barry from the secretariat and then you’re meeting… ” she paused and pursed her lips for some seconds.
“you’re meeting old man Tony and lastly your wife”

Tony uhn?… There’s always too much story but for sure another time. After the whole scandal, Dan didn’t survive or so I thought because his body wasn’t found and Kate, she was arrested and later released and now my secretary and old man Tony? He’s my dad.
Eva and I got married, and there’s this troublesome thing growing in her stomach now.
And sparrow?.. The boss is always active even though he retired from me and moved on totally to being with Eva all the time.

“who’s on ground now? ” I answered finally
She looked into her book and flipped through quickly.
“Mr Tony ”
“let him in please ”


” I see you’re making a good father already ” Tony commented as I showed him in. I actually don’t know what might have caused that.
“and why would you say that? ” I asked as I poured him tea.
“look how you’ve begin to arrive work late!… I guess you’re doing the laundry now isn’t it? ”

I laughed out loud at his complement. He was right actually. I do the laundry now .
“you’re right Tony, I do the laundry “I admitted finally.
“you know it’s been a long long time my son” he wandered away. This moments, he would go back to the old times.
“your father was a very good man to me, he took me in when I was a little kid and he made me feel like a normal person.” he had a long look all over his face.
I walked over to his side. You see ,
“look, everything that has happened is in the past and let’s just let it go okay ”
I said as I sat by his side.

We drank on and we talked about other things, how the workshop has changed in just few months, it’s now a modernised garage and there cool cash flowing in.

We had to stop when Kate came in to announce Eva’s arrival.
“awww….sweetheart!” I hurridely took her into my arms as she entered my office.
I let her go when Tony coughed for attention.
“hi tony” she waved at him.
The two of them didn’t really get along. No grudges tho but you know, she loosed a pregnancy during the scandal ( I didn’t know she was pregnant tho) and well, here’s another one.
sparrow walked in almost immediately I was about asking of him.
“hey there big boy!…. Did you take care of mommy today? ” I asked as I bent over to pat him on the head.

I really couldn’t hide my happiness about everything that has happened, talking about me discovering that the garage belonged to me, followed by my victory over Dan and lastly, the love of my life, Eva.
“lunch is ready! ” Kate announced again and we all filed to the dining room, yeah, my office is pretty large and very comfy .
Eva said the prayers and we all devoured our food.

The end.

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