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The Mechanic – Season 1 Episode 16

“I’ll ta….lk, pl…easss… St…op” I managed to make out of my swollen trembling lips.
Blood oozed from my nose and mouth now and my eyes were fast closing.
I made to speak so Dan released his grip on my throat. I shifted my back a bit to rest against the wall.
“you’re okay now, so please tell me where it is” Dan’s reminding voice spoke up again.
I could have talked but then I saw movements, I saw movements when I looked past Dan to the car where I had kept Eva and sparrow and I could swear I saw movements.
“look, I need time to think” I pleaded
“oh f–k! Ain’t buying that okay, just tell me where the file is or I’ll remove this ” he barked frustrated pointing to the knife in my thighs “and I’ll put it in your chest ” he continued.
“okay okay okay…. It’s somewhere in your…. B—h’s f—–g ass! ” I mocked. I knew I was getting at him seriously. I just hope my plan isn’t a plan tho.
Kate pushed forward past Dan and threw my jaw up with her knees and Mehn I felt my jaws splitting up.
“tell us where the file is now! ” she shouted angrily.

And then I saw it, this time it flicked on and off and I heard it heating up almost immediately I heard a screeching sound and the next thing was that I saw my self rolling away.


Luckily, one way or the other I predicted what would happen and on impulse, I shot up with all of my energy and quickly, I rolled away. I couldn’t explain but somehow, it happened very fast ,precise and sharp. I guess Dan and his girl were too busy to see it coming.

Eva stirred slowy before opening her eyes slowly and then closing it back. She rested for a while to think well. She tried sitting up and then she felt a quick sharp pain in her left arm. Quickly, she traced her second hand to her left arm and she felt cold thick liquid All over her cloth.

She tried to remember everything and then it started coming slowly : first Steve was facing her and later she was shot and just before she slipped away, she saw Steve running wildly towards her.
And then everything blacked out.
“oh” she moaned as she sat up . Sparrow jumped up when he saw that she was awake now and he licked her face happily.
“where is Steve? ” she muttered slowly as she patted sparrow on the head.
She looked around the car and she saw the file lying next to three cases. She reached her hand over and flicked one open and Mehn, it was full of cash.
She reached for the file too and was about flipping through it when she heard a very loud scream. Quickly she looked around and her eyes fell on Dan and Kate standing on Steve.
Immediately, she became impatient and scratched her head for what to do. She dropped her head on the steering wheel dejectedly and then an Idea popped up in her head.

Quickly, she kicked the car into life , she geared up into the fourth level and while the brakes were on, the speedometer read 250 for a jump start. And like a crazy woman, she lifted her foot from the brakes, hitting it hard on the gas pedal and like a rocket, the Bugatti jumped forward with the speed of light and in a second, it went directly crashing into the wall where Steve and Dan plus Kate had been.

Quickly, she rushed out of the car, she hurried to the front and saw Dan suspended by the car against a wall coughing out blood. Lying next to the car was Kate holding up her twisted leg and a broken skull.
Where is Steve?
She searched frantically around raising up things, shifting things. She was close to tears now when she didn’t see him and then she heard a silent moaning sound.
Quickly, she rushed to the direction where the sound came from and she saw Steve among shelves. Slowly she helped him up with her left hand .


I didn’t know what was happening anymore, I just knew I limped away leaning on something before I realized I was tucked into a small place. My thighs were heavy with blood and my vision was very blur.
I opened my mouth to speak and my lips were broken.
“Eva….” was the last word I said before everything blacked out.

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