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The Mechanic – Season 1 Episode 14

We arrived the Royce industrial estate few minutes after. First, I scanned the area and it was a deserted industrial estate. A long narrow road that was a dead end with old industries on both sides. I kicked the car into motion and I followed the road
“Are you sure it’s this place ” Eva asked as she peered out the window.
“this place is old and rarely visited….if there’s anywhere for dubious business, then it’s here. ”

There’s seems to be no one in the area. I turned the Lamborghini around and I was almost going back up the road when I saw a factory on the left side with its gate opened. Quickly, I pulled over to the side over the road .
“stay here” I instructed as I got out of the car.
I moved closer to the gate and the lock were broken, the impact was still fresh, “this must be it, ” I thought. I peered into the slightly opened gate and Mehn, I was d–n right, the cars that had been in my garage were all parked here and now without doors, I guess their offloading their stuff now.
“did you get anything? ”
“yeah. There are lots of cars, part of which were brought to our garage,… Seems they are transacting ” I answered as I slipped back into the car.
“so what do we do? ”
“we chill…. ”
I drove the car outta the way into a covered busy nearby and I mapped out a perfect plan. But what was I thinking? Was it just gonna be a quick in an out mission or rescue mission?… If I got other file, Dan would come after Tony and after me or Eva eventually. I need to clean this mess and all.


Thirty seven minutes after,….

The cars began to speed out one by one. Followed by three vans. I made sure they were gone far before I drove out of my spot and back to the factory gate.
Quietly, we all filed out. We entered the compound and it was a very large one with a long, big hall like bungalow in the middle. There were two sport cars parked outside. We moved on to the warehouse and luckily,the doors were open and when I peeped, I saw Dan and Kate on a wooden box, Dans head was buried in between Kate’s legs and one of his hand fumbled in her chest inside her clothes. I swallowed hard at the sight of them moaning and gasping like crazy.

“What’s happening? ” Eva poked her head under my arms when she saw that I didn’t move.
“oh… Ah.. Errrm.. It’s nothing “I lied.
She stood back with her hands on her waist and she was wearing that look that puts me off everytime. I didn’t say anything, I just moved out of the way for her to see what’s happening.

“Eww…. Disgusting!” she spat as she withdrew her head.
“let’s just get what we want and leave ”
“alright, you go check the cars and I’ll keep watch “.
“uhn” she crossed her face and pouted her lips at me.

After Eva left with sparrow, I concentrated at the two lovers eating each other away.
Suddenly, Dan flew looking from side To side . I didn’t understand what was happening, while in my thought, the alarm sounded (again). F–k! Eva must have tripped off an alarm in the car . I looked up back to where the lovers were and Mehn they weren’t there anymore.

I didn’t waste time, quickly, I began to run towards The front to stop Eva.
“Eva!… Stop, we have to leave here now! ”
I shouted over as I approached her now.
” I have it already ” she declared raising the file up at my face.
J made to near her and then a loud noise followed by Eva’s scream pierced my ear.
Slowly, I turned my face to the direction of the sound and I saw Dan holding a gun with smoke oozing out from the hole while Kate stood straight behind him.
I looked back To Eva and she was down already soaked in her own blood. Sparrow licked her face gently.

I rushed over to Eva. I put my hands around her to help her up. My head sparked hard and my eyes were bloodshot red. I placed her carefully against the car and I stood to face Dan and Kate while my dog moved growling and snarling ahead of me.

Dan raised his gun again at me and I shifted my foot and then click!…. He was out of rounds.

I clutched my fist in anger. …
“f–k you a—–e! ” I screamed angrily at Dan.
He looked at me and spat.

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