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The Mechanic – Season 1 Episode 13

I cranked the gear into the second level, heat it up to 220 as I wove through the street. I made sure I didn’t loose signal only for once when there was almost an accident.

My speed was so great that in less than fifteen minutes, the van appeared ahead. I yanked forward my gear, hitting the gas at the same time as I plunged forward . I tried to be out of view as best as I could but it seems those fools are more than In a hurry. I pressed harder and when I was very near, I calculated my speed and on three, I swerved to the right side next to the drivers seat so I’m not seen.i overtook the truck and followed ahead….

We drove on that way till we got to halt due to the traffic indication that turned red. Slowly, they eased up beside me and quickly, I drew my cap down. While we were waiting, my eyes wandered to the side and down to their tyres that was kinda bad.
“hey dude… You’ve got a flat tyre”
I shouted over to him with a deep voice, I didn’t raise my head tho. One of them looked at me with a hard look before looking to the tyre and as he was about to speak, a loud sound more or less like a whyning sound came from their van.
Quickly the Guy took his head in.
“what the f–k is that sound” he asked his second partner.
“I dunno, that’s some kinda rumbling sound”
“we didnt put something in the trunk did we? ”
“I wouldn’t know” the other guy shrugged as he began to make out of the car….

Meanwhile, sparrow had recognized my voice instantly when I said I informed the guys about their bad tyre so he began to bark and unaware to Eva she tried to shush him….

On realizing what happened, I knew I had f—-d up as the guy turned around and headed towards the trunk. Quickly, I brought out my mobile and with the speed of light, I put Eva on the line.
“hey baby” my voice was shaky and disturbed.
“what’s up, I’m cooking up here” she complained
“it’s bad Eva, you need to get out of the trunk and move gently towards the drivers seat right now…on y count… ”
The second guy had alighted now when the growling and grunting sound continued.
“what?…. Wait?…. Where are you? ”
“Eva, please do as I say…. Now! ”
Quickly, I saw her crawling forward to the driver seat with my dog limping beside her and on my mark, she kicked off the engine immediately the guy threw open the trunk and quickly, she shot the car forward and I did the same too…

I sighed as soon as I saw the two fools stop running after us but soon, they stopped a car with and with the guns they carried, they hijacked it.
“Eva, can you drive? ” we were still on the phone.
“no…. I can’t! I think I’m just gonna go straight into the wall! ” she screamed fearfully.
We turned a corner and almost immediately, those two guys showed up.
“Eva, we’ve got company! “.
“oh shit… I can’t do this Steve! “she yelled

Not good not good not good…
The fools were getting closer now and just then, an idea popped into my head.
I removed my feet from the gas, broke my gear down into one and quickly, I swerved left, slipping behind the van, quickly, I gased up again . Now I was between Eva and the Two fools.
“so this is the plan baby”
“ion do plans, I just wanna sell drinks!”
“yeah….after we survive this….. Now.. You drive on straight ahead, there’s a dead end that leads to the cliff, you don’t slow down okay?… And when it’s time, on my command you get off that van.
“how do we do that? ..look Steve. I’m scared”
“take it easy….its gonna be okay if you trust me. ”
“I trust you baby”.
“then grab your wheels and let’s show these fools some real action ”

I increased my speed when Eva wouldn’t go fast and carefully, I put my nose on her bumper, I pulled my GEar forward, gases up to 280 and with my auxiliary gear, I pushed the van forward. The fools didn’t slack too as they tore crazily behind us.
“yeah babe”.
“Do you see the dead end ahead?”
“yeah I see it! “.
“so this is it, we’re gonna lead this fools right down the cliff and all I want you to do now is crawl back to the trunk of the van, and climb out through the trunk, I’ll be right on your tail so. I’ll grab you in”
I had to explain it simply as that for her to understand.
“look Steve, I trust you and I love you… But I can do this anymore….its too dangerous ”
“Trust me…. “I put all sincerity into my voice now.
“okay… Last time.. And I hate you Steve… I hate you! ”
“yeah… I know you do… Now, hold down the Gas with something…..climb back to the trunk and make sure sparrow understands what you’re doing… Open the trunk, climb out to my car….I’ll grab you from there. ”

We approached the cliff faster now and I continued pushing the van forward at same speed and pace. The guys were getting near now.
Slowly, the trunk flew open and Eva poked her head through.
She opened her mouth to talk and the hard breeze blowing as the car sped on blew her hair into her mouth.
“Hold on! ” I closed on harder that the bonnet of My Lamborghini glues to the truck accurately.
“eva, you can do this…. Step gently out of the trunk and climb on my car… I swear… It’s safe”
Slowly, she puts out one of her leg on my bonnet followed by the second and later she placed her two hands slowly and she began to crawl on my car. She looked back to call sparrow who at once leaped on my bonnet.
When I made sure they were both off the van, I opened the roof door of my Lamborghini and they climbed in.
“That’s very stupid steve” she exclaimed as she sat down. My dog found his way comfortably between her legs.
“no my dear, this is the crazy part….”
I slowed down a bit for the fools to catch up at the same time I watched the the cliff ahead. I made sure the fools were close and then I rammed up my speed again…

I counted to three and on the third mark, I yanked my wheel to the left in a very hard grip at the same fime I pulled my hand brakes making a very sharp ,loud turning. My tyres screeched hard as fumes covered my behind as I narrowly got out of the way, the two blind fools who didn’t see it coming went down with the van and GBAM! down down down the cliff….

I killed the engine first to relax my fingers. I looked at Eva who just kept her mouth open all the while with her hands covering her ears.
“are we dead? ” she asked as she raised her head slowly as I shook her.
“not yet babe”
“oh thank God!… She screamed as she saw herself still in her sit.
She hugged me tightly and I could help a fast quick kiss.
“we don’t even know where they were headed ”
“look….I got their phone ”

They are headed to the Royce industrial estate…

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