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The Mechanic – Season 1 Episode 11 & 12

Back in my work shop now, I sat down to think very well as my head was bouncing with too many thoughts. First, the revelation about My inheritance secondly this misery of a guy harrasing Tony.
There wasn’t much time anymore, I was about leaving when I saw a guy dragging someone in by the neck or so. I threw my window open and Mehn I almost peed my pants – WHAT THE F–K? Eva had just been dragged in past my workshop and into the garage!

Quickly, I unlocked my door and dashed out with my dog on my heels. I made my way gently to the garage’s big door and when I peeped, Tony was no longer in the garage while Dan and Kate with one guy plus the other one that just dragged Eva in now.

I didn’t know what to whether to look for Tony or find a way to save EVA.
“YOU, I know you at the bar” Dan remarked
“she’s the dudes girlfriend ” Kate chipped in.
“oh oh oh… Did your lover tell you he’s been fired? ” Dan mocked

Shit!…. I wish I could just barge know there and smash their face off their head.
Eva trembled on her knees as Dan felt Her hair with his hands.

I was still in my position when Tony began to climb down from his stairs with a file in his hand, a file that looked exactly like the one I found too.. What the heck again? We’re there two files?
I quickly hid myself while he went into the garage and with trembling hands, swollen face sad eyes, he handed the file over to Dan and in return, one of the working guys handed Tony a briefcase. Dan flipped through the file and with an angry face he tore up at Tony..

“This isn’t complete!…wheres the rest of it? ” he grabbed Tony’s coat roughly.
“I swe… that’s a..ll” Tony choked from his grip.
“see for yourself old fool” he t—-t the file at Tony who after checking it wore a surprised face .
“Someone must have tampered with if… I swear I didn’t do anything ” he explained with a serious honest look on his face.
Dan calmed a bit, he looked over to Kate and then back to Tony.
“where is Steve? ” Kate suddenly bursted.
And immediately, everyone in the room raised their eyes in shock.
“Find him!… He’s got the rest of the package! ” Dan screamed like a baby
“That’s not poss…ible” Tony said in total shock.
“look” Dan pointed a phone to his face “he went into your office a while ago”
Tony almost crashed coz he was scared of the truth that I might have known about the whole truth….but that Isn’t my problem now
Dan snatched the file from his and was storming out of the garage and quickly, I packed out of the way back into hiding.

At first I planned on going after Dan and Kate but that wasn’t what I needed now, first I get Eva outta here, speak with Tony, get to the root of whatever is happening and maybe later go after Dan and Kate.

But how do I do all that with the two fools sent to look for me?

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