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The Mechanic – Season 1 Episode 10

“this place is creepy” I said out loud as I wove off cobwebs off my face but my dog just walked carefully ahead leading the way.
I would stop to check Out the secret room And Mehn I must say m surprised that something of such is in this place and I never knew – it’s more like an office, an old one in fact, my dad’s pictures are hung up on the wall at every angle. I hated around and I saw one of my Toys..
Quickly I picked it up brushing away the dust on it to view it clearly. My mouth almost fell off my face as I examined the old toy, but how the f–k did it get here?. Or have I been here before? Did I use to be here? Question disturbed my head crazily that I sat down for a while to think.

My dog came over to lick my face, coz he knows I’m not in a good mood right now. I pushed him away gently when he wouldn’t stop but he’s just too stubborn so I gave in but somehow it seems he wants me to see something.
“what’s wrong buddy?” I asked
He kept on tugging at my sweater and I grudgingly stood up and so we walked a bit further into another big room where a small old safe stood against the wall,.. I walked gently over to the safe. I sighed again at the misreys that keeps unraveling itself. I must confess, I’m more scared than surprised.
I ran my hand on the safe and there were numbers printed on it I proceeded down to the lock and it requires combination. Quickly I peeped up at the numbers printed on top and I punched it in, then slowly, the first click Sounded , then The second and with a soft croacky sound, it opened up…

#story written by Afolabi mayor


I t—-t my hand into the safe to retrieve an old dusty file Tied with a rope. I looked at my dog and back to the file. Quickly, I ran back to the big office, clearing away dead rats and dusts off the table, I placed the file Gently on the table and undid the rope gently.

I was shocked to tears when I read the contents of the file – the first page had my dads picture on it with his name written bodly below. I read on to discover that the entire workshop was willed to me and signed by my father…

So Tony and my father were never partners, he took over after my father’s death and now he took me in to play righteous..
“F–k!” I screamed as I fell on my knees sobbing like a kid. My head spun like I just took alcohol.
I couldn’t feel my legs anymore Infact I couldn’t think right anymore, I just sat like a kid staring at nothing..
I was lost in my thoughts when my mobile bleeped up, I checked who the caller was and it was Eva..
“Hey babe” her voice rang out
“how you doing?” I tried as Much as possible To make my voice look clear.
“You’ve kept me waiting for more than an hour now.. The bar is deserted already” she accused .
“I’m trying to pack here, I’ll be there soon” I tried to calm her
But my voice was shaky and it gave me away once or was it Eva that had the too good listening ears.
“whats wrong with you Steve? ”
She sounded hard that I couldn’t even lie properly.
“you sound like a kid who’s been crying all day”
“it’s nothing.. I’m okay, just tired”
“oh shut up, I know how you sound when you’re drunk and you’re not even drunk! ”
“I’m just tired”
“you know what?… You spent more than enough time and now you sound like you’re crying….I’m coming over! ”
“no mayb….. ” and that was how she disconnected the call.

This is something else now.
Quickly, I gathered strength and I stood up picked up the file and I left the room. Back in Tony’s office, I turned the Virgin Mary and the picture-frame-door shut itself.
I was going through down the stairs when I heard somewhat like a noise, more like an heated argument…
I walked down to the garage to see Dan, pointing a gun at Tony’s old head while Kate chewed her gum.
“you didn’t stick to the plan you old fool” Dans voice boomed angrily
“I have nothing to do with it. Kate I Swear, I didnt do it” he looked at Kate for help but she she just turned away.
“look old man, I know what I have and I know what taken out of it… You betrayed me and now you know the rules” he said that with a wicked smile.
“Give me the papers or I blow your brains out…! ”

My heart sank at the drama I was seeing and the question came up again… WHAT THE F–K IS HAPPENING???

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