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The Matchmaker – Episode 7

Dolapo pov

What is going on between Seye and this lady? It seems like he is going to kill his friend for touching her.

His eyes were killing, what kind of relationship is between them?

She seems like a threat to my mission, I wasn’t expecting this.

I have to act fast.

He took her hand and went inside.

I must put a end to whatever is going between them.

At all cost.

Seye pov

“What were you doing with him?” I shout at Ariyike.

“Why are you shouting at me?” She asked.

“Why did you allow him to hugged you? How can a woman have no pride” I yelled again.

“What did I do wrong?” She asked confused.

“And what about you? Why are you shouting at me when you were with a lady?” She asked.

“But I didn’t hug her, did I?” I asked.

“Wait, are you jealous that I hugged your friend?” She asked smiling.

“What!, Why will I be jealous? Am not jealous” I said and cleared my throat.

“I will allow you to rest, you must be tired” I said trying to change the topic.

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“Why does it feel like you are ignoring my questions?” She asked.

“Who says I was ignoring your questions, I just don’t have the answer to it because there is nothing like such” I said and left her house.

I got outside and met Tim, Tosin was already gone.

What do I tell him?

“Hi man” I said and went to him.

“What was that?” He asked angry.

“Was what?” I answered back with a question.

“You know what I mean” he said.

“Do you like her?” He asked.

“What? Of course not” I said.

“You don’t like her?” He asked looking at me suspicious.

“No, I don’t” I said but it feels like am lying.

“Good, I like her and am going to do whatever it takes to have her” he said and his words makes me furious.

“Sure” I said trying to hold my angers.

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“Thanks, I will like it if you shows your support” he said “Sure” I replied with a fake smile. Why is he acting like they are dating?

But why do I feel jealous?

Tim pov

I could see Seye was lying, his eyes show it all. But am not going to lose to him, not easily.

It’s a fight between two friends.

When it comes to ladies, I don’t joke with them at all.

Am sorry Seye but I don’t lose when it comes to the ladies.

I will do anything to have her even if I must play dirty.

The next day

Ariyike pov

I couldn’t get my mind off what seye did yesterday.

Does he like me? Was he jealous? Even though I know it was just my perception, some part of me just feel like it was real.

“Ma, you have a visitor” shade said when she came in.

“Let them in” I said and she left my office.

A lady came in afterwards, she look familiar.

She sat without my permission, who the fuck is this?

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She was dressed in high waist trouser and a Gucci top, with a expensive bag and shoe.

She look expensive.

She looked around my office with a disgusting look.

‘Rude bitch’ I thought.

“Why are you here ma?” I asked trying to be polite.

“Me?” She asked and chuckled.

“Well, I want you to stay away from my man” she said.

“Your man? I think you are mistakening” I said confused.

“Hell no, I know what am saying” She said confidently.

“Then who the hell is your man?” I asked.

“Seye, he is man” she said, raised her jaw and crossed her leg.

Did I heard her right?

Seye is her man.


See lie, Dolapo why you dey lie

She really want to ruin the special relationship between Seye and Ariyike

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