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The Masked Dancer – Season 1 – Episode 9

🎭Episode Nine🎭

Prince Adrian’s POV💜

‘Hey!! Hey stop it!!’..Giselle screamed as she came in between Alex and I..

‘I am a prince in case you didn’t know you bastard!!! I own southern England!!’..I yelled.

‘You’re in Athens prince charming and if you want your goddamn money refunded then you can have it but what I won’t tolerate is you coming here to warn me to stay away from your assistant!! You’re her boss not her slave master!!!’..He yelled back..

‘Stop it!!! Stop it both of you!!’..Giselle screamed with her both hands on our chests..

‘He started it!!’..Alex protested and in obvious Anger I threw a chair at him but mistakenly it landed on Giselle’s head..

She plummeted to the ground and instantly I realized my terrible mistake..

‘What have you done?!’..Alexa screamed as she scrambled to the ground..

God what have i done??..

What the hell have i done?!!…

Minutes later💜

‘Please be very careful she’s delicate’..i said as two of the nurses pushed in the stroller..

‘Please wait here as we attend to her sir’..One of them said and i nodded..

What was I even thinking when I fought with bastard??..

Why did I warn him to stay away from her??…

My phone rang and when I checked the caller it was mother..

📱: mother this isn’t rally a good time’..I grumbled under my breath..

📲:Yeah I know but I’ve really got to speak to you now,I think I’ve found your Lady Gigi’..She said and I gasped loudly..

📱:Tell me you’re joking mother!! Tell me you’re joking!!’..I said aloud..

📲:I’m really serious Adrian,your lady Gigi is Giselle’..She said,I paused a little and then bursted into an hysterical laugh…

📱:Oh mother you really got me there!! Really?? Giselle is in the hospital right now and the only thing you can think of doing is make a joke?? Come on mother this really isn’t funny’..I said in a frowned..

📲:What??Giselle is in the hospital?! Why?? What happened to her??’..She asked and I rolled my eyes expertly so as not to be noticed by the camera..

📱:Look it’s a long story and I’ll tell you all about it later—Please don’t pull such a prank on me next time’..I said and disconnected the call..



She doesn’t even have the balls to pull such a stunt..

My lady Gigi is my one and only and even though I’m confused about this whole new Giselle thing it still won’t stop me from loving the other woman..

Giselle’s POV💜

The Next morning⛅

I opened my eyes only to be hit by white walls and a syringe attached to me vein..

The last thing I remembered was..

The last thing i remembered was Prince Adrian fighting with the tour guide Alex…

Ugh I should have never come here..

The gods have deemed it that i can never a satisfying vacation..

I mean it’s just a day and I’m in the hospital..

‘I’m cursed’..I whimpered..

‘You’re what??!’..I heard Prince Adrian mutter as he walked into the room fresh and clean and acting like nothing happened…

‘Ohh uhh g..good morning your highness’..I replied in a hoarse voice..

‘Morning..Look uhmm Giselle—I..I don’t know how to say this but I’m sorry for you know?? What happened last night’..He said and i nodded…

‘Thank you and besides it’s just a concussion and a bandage on my head nothing much’..i said and due to inept bad timing i quickly puked into the nearest can..

Ashamedly,i wiped off the remnants of the vomit from my mouth only to see him staring at me keenly…

‘You…you really didn’t have to warn Alex,he’s just looking out for me’..I said nervously and he dug his hands into his pants pocket..

‘Fine then if that’s what you want’…he murmured and turned to leave..

‘Uhmm your Highness??’..


‘Could you please uhmm—A ride back to the hotel maybe?!’.

‘Sure let’s go’..

Ten minutes later💜
My fists clenched as he walked as he drove me back to the hotel..

Awkward silence was dangling dangerously in the air like we both wanted to say something to each other but couldn’t…

‘So how old are you exactly Giselle??’..He asked and my eyes blinked with disbelief..


I’ve been his assistant for over five years and he doesn’t know my age??..

Maybe Isabel was right..

He really doesn’t give two hoots about me!!.

‘I’m 26′..I blurted angrily..

‘Ohh really?? I thought you were 23′..He remarked and i rolled my eyes to the other direction..

‘Yeah that’s cause you don’t know anything about me..

‘Yeah You’re right I really don’t know much about you’..He replied..

I can’t believe I’ve been secretly loving this man for five years!!…

Working my ass off for him for five years!!..

Turned to a noob for five years!!..

Fallen sick most times for five years!!..

Never had a vacation for five years and he doesn’t know anything about me!!..

I think it’s time to draw the line here..

The car stopped in front of the hotel and i quickly got out with tears brimming before he could say anything…

For five years I’ve wasted my life for this same man all in the name of having a huge crush and loving him and he doesn’t even know my full name or how old i am..

Now i know it’s good to listen sometimes..

I really deserve better and it’s high time i realised that Prince Adrian isn’t the best for me…

Prince Adrian’s POV💜

Giselle ran out of the car like she was angry of some sort or something and i frowned deeply…

Is she mad at the fact that i don’t know how old she is??..

A text popped into my phone and i stared down to see that it was Isabel..


I sighed deeply and switched it off then Alexa walked over to my car..

‘We’re heading over to Hera’s temple are you coming??’..She asked and I shook my head..

‘Can i ask you something Alexa??’..


‘Is there any reputable restaurant anywhere??’..

‘Yeah why do you ask??’..

‘I want to take Giselle out to know to make up for yesterday’..i replied and she nodded writing an address for me in her pad…

i thanked her and parked my car in the parking lot,grabbed my coat and then walked straight to Giselle’s room..

‘Giselle??’..I knocked on the door and she opened it..

‘Would you like to have dinner with me tonight??’..I asked..

‘Sorry but I’m not interested’..she replied and shut the door on my face…



Normally she would have jumped at the invite..

What the hell happened??..

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