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The Masked Dancer – Season 1 – Episode 8

🎭Episode Eight🎭

Giselle’s POV💜

Tired with jet lag setting in I yawned loudly and plunked on the bed…

My phone rang after a few minutes and when I checked it was Isabel..

📱:Hey Princess’..i murmured in a yawn..

📲:Hello masked dancer or should i say Lady Gigi??’..She replied..

📱:Oh don’t be like that Isabel’..i murmured walking into the exotic bathroom..

📲:You broke my brother’s heart Giselle and somehow I’m happy with it’..She said and i laughed heartily…

📱:Lady Gigi broke his heart Isabel.I didn’t’..

📲:Well you’re right..If only he could see how amazing of a person you are’..She sighed and i smiled….

📱:I’m not going to talk about this anymore and besides I’m here on vacation,my feelings for your brother has gone on a lockdown’..i said and just then someone walked into my room…

‘Ohh your highness’..i jolted hanging up immediately as I saw Adrian..

‘Who were you talking to??’..He asked..

‘Uhmm it’s your sister,she called to know how you were faring’..I replied and gulped hard as his eyes narrowed to the opening of my robe..

He’s never looked at me this way why is he looking at me this way?!!…

‘There’s a function going on downstairs and i want you to go on my behalf’..He said after a minute of awkward silence..

‘Your Highness isn’t it better if you had some—

‘What i do is none of your business!!’..He cut in and I nodded..

‘I’m sorry’..

Prince Adrian’s POV💜

I groaned loudly as i walked out of Giselle’s room with my anger gradually boiling…

Why did she have to wear a robe with her hair all tousled in a loose bun making her look extremely beautiful??!..

And Lady Gigi the woman I claim to be in love with hasn’t been found yet..

This was supposed to be a vacation but I’m just so frustrated and confused…

Minutes later💜

I walked over to the terrace and watched the party that was going on outside and my eyes widened seeing Giselle come out..

She was wearing a strapless flower dress which was totally backless with little cross strips at the back..

Her hair was still tousled in a loose bun,she wore shades and was barefooted…

How can this same woman work for me for over five years and I didn’t even notice how beautiful she was..

How blind was I??..

She walked over to Alex and then he twirled her around as if complimenting her beauty and i frowned deeply…

What is it with that guy??.

And why is she always laughing when he’s around..

‘You know a woman like that by your side is like heaven on earth’…Alexa muttered as she walked into the room with the pack of towels I asked for..

‘How old is your brother??’..I replied..

‘He’s 31 and he’s a widower—Lost his wife Mia three years ago and she looks a lot like Giselle’..She said and my eyes darted towards the both of them…

‘Have you ever been in love your highness??’..She asked and i nodded…

‘Yeah and I still am but not with Giselle,I’m in love with someone else’..I said in a sigh remembering Lady Gigi all of a sudden…

They haven’t still found her and it’s frustrating the hell out of me..

Who is she??..

Or is she an angel sent from heaven??.

‘So who’s she??’..Alexa asked..

‘Well technically i don’t know her yet but she’s like my Cinderella,she’s beautiful and when i danced with her it was like dancing with the stars..but when I proposed she ran away’..i replied and she smiled..

‘Your love story is a little bit bizarre but anyway you might find out that things aren’t all they seem.You might be surprised but the thing you’re looking for might just be in front of you’..she said and left..

What does she mean by that??..

Giselle’s POV💜

‘He’s staring at you’..Alex said from behind me and i turned around sharply…

‘Huh?? Who is that??’..i asked..

‘Prince Charming’..He replied and my eyes darted towards the terrace where Prince Adrian was standing..

Truly he was watching me and it made me feel kind of nervous..

‘I..I don’t think he’s watching me he’s clearly looking at Alexa or someone else’..i lied quickly and turned around tucking my hair behind my ear…

‘I know when a man looks like he wants to eat a woman raw..Most men tonight are looking at you that way tonight’..He replied and i chuckled..

‘You’re such a flirt Alex I’ll be in my room now’..i murmured and walked back inside my room…

Tonight was fun no doubt but what i can’t understand is why Prince Adrian was staring at me that way..

He’s never even spared me a glance and now he’s looking at me like I have a spec of dust on my face…

I stared at my reflection in the mirror and then in a few minutes i was hearing screams from outside…

Alexa barged in my door and then from the look on her face i knew something was up..

‘Adrian!!..His highness is beating the hell out of my brother!!’..

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