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The Masked Dancer – Season 1 – Episode 7

🎭Episode Seven🎭

Prince Adrian’s POV💜

‘Calm down?? Don’t tell me to calm down mother she just ran off!! She ran off leaving only her slipper!!’..I yelled pacing forth and back angrily..

‘Maybe..maybe she would come back??’..Mom said trying to placate me but I just got angrier..

‘She turned down my proposal mom and now I can’t find her!!! This is the only thing I’ve got left over her mother please find her!’..I screamed and barged towards my room straight..

The Next Morning⛅

‘Whoa are you okay your highness??’..Giselle asked as she came into my room and I frowned deeply..

Even though I didn’t want to I couldn’t help but notice that she was—She was different…

She had a whole new glow attached to her…

She was looking really really good in her wrap sundress and gold sandals that reached her ankle..

Her hair for the first home was let down and she wasn’t wearing her glasses…

‘You look different’..I muttered..

‘I’ve always been like this your highness,well your bag has been set and the private jets awaits us’..She replied in a less subtle manner and walked away..

An image of Lady Gigi flashed across my mind again and I sighed deeply grabbing my phone to call the private investigator in charge of the case..

📱:Hello Sheriff Malcolm’..I said.

📲:Ohhh Prince Adrian,we haven’t found her yet it’s like she’s Cinderella or’..His voice trailed off as I hung up..

Yeah she’s my Cinderella and I’m hopelessly in love never with her..

More than anyone could ever imagine…

More than even i could imagine…

I’ve never felt what I feel for her for any other woman before…

‘Your highness are you ready??’..Giselle asked as i walked down the stairs in a cheerful manner and I arched my brows..

‘Why are you so cheerful today?? You look as if you won a lottery or something?!’..i snapped and she shrugged..

‘Well this vacation is like a lottery and it’s really what I need your highness and you don’t look too good yourself was the ball successful??’..

‘Yeah it was a great ball and I met the most wonderful woman’..I replied feeling all better to be talking about it..

‘Ohhh and Who’s she??’..Giselle asked..

‘Well she’s Lady Gigi,you must have heard of her from Isabel..I..i really need to see her Giselle,I really need to tell her how I really feel towards her,she’s like my Cinderella you know??’..i replied..

Giselle’s POV💜

He thinks I’m his Cinderella??..

He really thinks I’m his Cinderella??..

But he really isn’t in love with me..

He’s in love with Lady Gigi which is also me but not truly me..

What’s the essence of taking his words to heart when all he sees me as is a simple dumb and clumsy personal secretary..

So everything is going to change..

No one knows I’m the masked dancer and no one will ever know…

I’m going to change myself and have the best time of my life in Athens…well away from Prince Adrian that is..

I’m going to get a new boyfriend and go on trips to sightsee and then Ignore him like he doesn’t exist..

Then maybe I’ll forget the taste of his lips on mine and the magic I felt when I danced with him..

Few minutes later💜

We both got into the private jet and took off immediately.I grabbed a brochure of the places I would be visiting in Athens..

Prince Adrian was just restless as if waiting for mannah to drop from heaven or something..

‘Your highness are you okay??’..I asked..

‘Just face your book and leave me alone Giselle’..He retorted and I smirked..

He surely isn’t okay…

‘I don’t mean to be a pock noser but you’re tensed your highness’..I said..

‘Yeah I’m tensed I haven’t had enough sleep for hours so yes I’m tensed!!’..He snapped..

Don’t do this Giselle,my mind warned me but I was so stubborn to make him feel better…

‘I could give you a..I could give you a massage..that..that is if you want though’..I stuttered and he glared at me..

Prince Adrian’s POV💜

The moment Giselle’s hands rested on my shoulders I felt eased off immediately like a huge burden was lifted off my shoulder…

‘Ohhh yeah that’s the spot’..I moaned as her hands massaged my shoulder..

After a few minutes her hands left me and i was feeling much better..

How on earth didn’t I know that my Personal Assistant is a great masseuse??…

It’s just like she’s a different person all together..

‘Thanks Giselle’..I said and she gasped..

‘What’s the problem??’..i asked and she shook her head vigorously..

‘It’s nothing your highness just that you’ve never thanked me before’..She said in a laugh but i didn’t find it funny..

How can a woman work with me for five years and I’ve never thanked her before??..

It’s just not believable…

‘So you’re saying that I’ve never thanked you for anything?? Are you saying I’m an ungrateful person??’..

‘You?? Hell no your highness I didn’t mean it like that and—

‘We’re landing!!’..The pilot said from the pilot seat and the conversation abruptly ended..

Am I really ungrateful towards her??…

We came down from the jet and were both greeted by our tour guides who placed glass beads on our necks..

‘Welcome to Athens Pethi mou’…The handsome male said throwing Giselle a flirty glance and she blushed..

‘Uhmm take us to our room please??’..I said breaking the trance and he nodded..

‘Hi I’m Alex nice to meet you Prince Adrian’..He said extending his hands over to shake mine..

‘Sorry but I don’t shake hands’..I blandly replied and he shrugged grabbing Giselle’s bag..

‘Don’t mind my twin brother he has a thing for the ladies I’m Alexa’..His sister muttered grabbing my bag and I nodded..

‘So is she your girlfriend or wife??’..She asked and I scoffed loudly..

‘What makes you think we’re a couple??’..

‘Huh? So you mean you’re not related in anyway to Miss beauty over there??’…She asked again and I rolled my eyes..

Some people don’t just know when to mind their business..

‘No we’re not related in anyway she’s just my personal assistant’..i groaned..

‘Whoa your personal assistant? you’re really lucky cause if i wasn’t a girl i would have asked her out…No disrespect your highness but she’s way too beautiful to be just your personal assistant’..She said and joined the others..

Alex cracked a joke and Giselle laughed so hard that i couldn’t help but notice it…

Alexa is right..

She’s way too beautiful..

How come i haven’t noticed this before??..


Tell him guys..

Tell him why he hasn’t noticed before..

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