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The Masked Dancer – Season 1 – Episode 5

🎭Episode Five

Giselle’s POV💜

‘Please just do this for me Isabel,just a dance and I would disappear ASAP back to my normal self’..i begged but Isabel still refused..

‘You just don’t understand Giselle!! If he finds out he’ll be furious!!! Adrian might even fire you if he finds out’..

‘That’s it Isabel!! He won’t find out cause I’ll be wearing a mask remember?? I’ll be wearing a mask so he won’t even know it’s me’..I said and she sighed deeply..

‘It’s a bad idea but fine but you’ll let me design what you’re going to wear and teach you how to dance okay??’..She grunted and totally excited I jumped on her body..

‘Thank you!! Thank you Isabel i owe one I swear but about that dancing part you don’t have to worry cause I’m a really good dancer’..


‘Yeah thank you Isabel’..

‘Hmmm but don’t say I didn’t warn you this is a bad idea’..

Prince Adrian’s POV💜

‘What color of tuxedo would you be wearing your highness??’..Giselle asked adjusting her glasses as she walked into my office..

‘Don’t you have any other clothes to change into??’..I asked staring at her bare legs..

‘Uh I..I didn’t bring any clothes but I’ll be going home to change soon’..She stuttered and I let out a little tat sound..

I’ve never even noticed but she’s got great legs..

‘Since you don’t want to rest I suggest we get to work with the decorations cause we have a lot of work to do’..i muttered and she nodded excitedly which made me frown..

What’s she all bummed up about??
‘Tell Hubert to—

‘I already did that’..She cut in and I nodded..

‘Is there something i should know about??’..i asked about her hyperactiveness but she just shook her head..

We both got in the car and i ordered the driver to take me to Madam Lequior who is my designer and on the way over to our destination she hummed to the classical playing on the car’s radio…

‘What is even wrong with you??’..I asked again..

‘Nothing your highness’..She replied and i rolled my eyes to the other side..

Minutes later💜
‘This looks good on you your highness’..My designer said as i came out of the dressing room all dressed up..

Clad in a red velvet tuxedo with a rose and a matching mask to it I frowned at my reflection..

‘I look like a party decor for Valentine’..I muttered blandly and her eyes widened at my comment…

‘Okay then what about this one??’..She asked and i stared at the plain black but very classy tuxedo with a red rose and i smiled..

Perfect the way i like it..

‘I love it,hand it over to my assistant Gi —Giselle?? Where is Giselle??’..i asked turning around looking for Giselle and before i could search further she came out of the bathroom..

‘Sorry i was in the restroom doing stuff —Uhmm your Highness have you picked a tuxedo?’..She muttered and i nodded so as not to get angry further..

She’s been acting all strange all throughout today..

I guess Isabel and mother are both right…

She really needs a vacation..

Giselle’s POV💜

I smiled as Prince Adrian and I walked back to the car avoiding all the cameras..

I’m just so excited about tomorrow night but also sad..

Tomorrow marks the end of the terrible crush I have on him..

Tomorrow he’s going to pick a wife and then I would go on my vacation…

Things are definitely going to change but it’s all for the best anyway..

Tomorrow marks the last day I’ll crush on you Prince Adrian…

My trip to Athens will start a new chapter in my life with a new man and a new identity…

At Night☄.
‘Oh my God Isabel where did you get this dress from?!!’..I cried out as my eyes glared at the pure white dress I found on the table…

‘Well since it’s your big dance i figured that you should look the part,I mean blow my brother away’..she said and I hugged her…

The dress was was a long sleeved off shoulder with feathers and glimmering on stones studded it..

It had a high slit in the middle and as i glanced in it’s beauty she brought out a beautiful white feathered mask..

‘Go dazzle Giselle’..

Prince Adrian’s POV💜

The Next Morning⛅
‘You’re what??’..I jolted up from my bed as Giselle coughed badly..

‘I..I’m not feeling too well your highness..I..Achoooo!!!’..She replied and sneezed right in front of me..

‘Eww Giselle!! Go home please go home I don’t want you ruining my big day with your cold?!!’..I screamed and she nodded..

‘Thank you Prince Adrian,thank you so so…Achoo!!!’..She sneezed again and walked out…

Today is the big day and my personal assistant isn’t going to be here to help me…

I never thought i would say this but I’m so damn nervous about everything that’s going to happen tonight…

Who am I even going to choose??..

How do i even choose??…

By etiquette or by their elegance??.

By beauty or by their charm??..

Their waltzing or by their dressing??..

Things are just bubbling in my head and I just don’t know what to do..

Or maybe I should make it a competition of some sort??..

‘Today is the big day son’..Mother muttered as she walked into my room..

‘Yeah it’s the big day let’s just pray I pick the perfect woman to be my wife cause I’m really nervous’..I replied rubbing my temple…

‘You know it’s not too late to stop all this,we could cancel the ball if you want??’..She said and I frowned at my reflection in the mirror..

‘No we won’t cancel,let’s do this!!’..

At Night☄️
I sighed deeply behind the curtains waiting for the cue and when my name was called I walked out…

Everyone clapped and in courtesy I bowed down and waved at the crowd..

Almost every princess and duchess winked at me as I walked towards the formal dining table and to be honest they didn’t impress me even with their super elegant dressing and beautiful masks..

Many of them were beautiful no doubt but i just wasn’t feeling impressed or even feeling it —Well not until is aw her…

The girl in the white feathered dress..

‘Who..Who is..who is she??’..I asked Baileywick..

‘She’s Lady Gigi your highness’..He replied and I gasped loudly..

She was like the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen but who is she??..

‘I’ve never met her before,Lady Gigi you say?? Why do I feel like I know her?? She’s be..she’s beautiful’…

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