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The Masked Dancer – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode Two

Giselle’s POV

I smirked staring at a beautiful white diamond studded dress with a tiara on it…

‘Giselle when is my next meeting??’..Prince Adrian asked as he came out from the restaurant..

In a bid to quickly heed to his instruction i fumbled with the papers…

‘Please be quick??’…Adrian frowned tapping his feet on the ground..

‘I…I’m coming just a sec’..I stuttered and checked the log..

If there’s one thing Prince Adrian hates it’s waiting..

He doesn’t have a single ounce of patience cause the last time I kept him waiting he almost fired me…

‘We..well there’s the meeting with Prince Hugh but since you’ve had it already then i guess you’re free’..I said closing my file and he nodded..

‘I think you’re forgetting something’..


‘My mother Giselle?? The Queen —You need to pick her from the airport remember??’..He said and then it slipper into my mind..

‘Ohh i forgot I’ll do just that and Oh your highness —You look great by the way’..i said and he frowned in reply..

‘Since when did complimenting me become a part of your job Giselle??’..He asked and I pursed my lips..

‘Sorry your highness…I’ll..I’ll be going now’..I stuttered and turned around..

Jeez for once Prince Adrian can’t you see the drooling look in my eyes??..

Jeez what is even wrong with me??..

I think i need to visit a shrink..

Prince Adrian’s POV

Maybe I should fire her??..

No Giselle has been working for me for over five or six years I think and even though she’s clumsy as hell she’s helpful and besides Isabel loves her..

Minutes later

‘I hope you have something for me Adrian,I hope you have found a bride’..I heard mom say as she sat next to me on the dining table..

‘Mom you know that I’m also searching endlessly for a wife,one that would be classy and royal for me to show off’..I replied adjusting the tie on my neck…

‘I don’t want excuses Adrian,for crying out loud you’re thirty!! Isn’t that enough time for you to worry?? I married your father when I was eighteen’..She said and I rolled my eyes to the other way..

Here she goes again telling me how I need a wife..

And honestly I really do if I’m going to be coronated soon as the king..

I can’t be a king without a wife??..

‘I have a suggestion Adrian’..Mother said and I snapped back to reality..

‘Ohh and what’s that mother??’..i asked..

‘well how about a masquerade ball?? A ball with almost every influential and royal family in England would attend with their daughters’..She muttered and my eyes lit up..

‘That’s a great idea mother how come i never even thought about it before?? A masquerade ball is exactly what I need to find a wife’..I exclaimed excited about the whole idea and she smiled..

Isabel walked in with clad in what the New Yorkians call ‘Hoodie’ and I frowned as she sat adjacently..

‘Stop slouching you’re a princes Isabel’..I said and she frowned..

‘The last time I checked you’re not the boss of me Adrian and by the way what are you guys talking about??’..she said..

‘A ball’..Mom replied..

‘A ball?? We’re holding another ball??’..She asked with a note of irritation in her voice and mother nodded…

‘It’s for your brother Isabel—We’re holding a masquerade ball on his behalf so he could pick a wife’..Mom replied again and she scoffed..

‘Like that’s so archaic to be honest like seriously?? A masquerade ball?? What happened to falling in love Adrian?’..She queried..

‘Love happens in fairy tales only Isabel,what i need is a wife who would only bear my children and go to functions with me’…I muttered placing a napkin on my neck as the maids brought in dinner…

‘You’re so boring Adrian’..

‘Hey don’t talk to your brother like that!!’..Mother scolded her and she shrugged leaving..

Giselle’s POV

I yawned loudly as I dropped my bag on my bed..

Today has been so hectic from picking Queen Martha to sending flowers for one of Prince Adrian’s admirers —Ariana..

Princess Ariana,one of the most dreaded persons on earth and also Adrian’s number one fan according to Isabel…

I’m his number one fan..

He should be sending flowers to me!!..

‘Well it’s 10pm and my daughter is damn tired’..Mom said as she stood by the doorway..

‘Ohh hey mom’..i replied in a long yawn..

‘He’s working you to death Giselle and if not for your baseless one-sided crush you would have stopped working for him years ago’..she retorted sitting at the edge of my bed..

‘He doesn’t work me to..

‘Ohh we’re still doing that?? We’re still doing that thing when you defend him and I tell you what a block head you are??’..She cut in and i sighed..

‘Where’s Dad??’..i asked not wanting to push the question any further..

‘He’s at the back playing with his toys,you know how men love their power tools’..She replied and i smiled..

Married for 30 years mom and Dad have been the best in taking care of me…

I’m their only daughter and they can’t do without me that’s why I still live with them..

‘I’ll go speak to him’..

Minutes later

‘Hey pops’..i muttered knocking on the garage door and Dad came out from under the table he was drilling nails into…

‘You missed curfew Giselle’..he frowned..

‘I’m twenty six Dad I don’t need curfew’..I replied kissing him on the nose affectionately..

‘So how’s that terrible prince?? Is he still giving you trouble??’..He asked..

‘Who?? No one gives be trouble??’..I quickly said and he arched his brow questionably..

‘You literally cry in your sleep cause of him every night Giselle so how…’..His voice trailed off as my phone rang..

:Good..Good evening your highness’..i muttered after pressing the green icon giving Dad the signal to say nothing…

:I need you back here at the Castle Giselle,there’s a lot of work at hand!!’..Adrian replied and my body almost cried..

:But…but it’s 11:40 your highness and i haven’t had dinner’..

:Do i look like i care Giselle?? Get here ASAP!!!..


Okay if you were in Giselle’s shoes what would you do??…

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