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The Masked Dancer – Season 1 – Episode 16

🎭Episode Sixteen🎭


Giselle’s POV💜

‘Giselle wait!! Wait up!!!’..i heard and turned around only to see Adrian running towards me…

‘Please tell Isa—

‘No not that!! Not that at all’..He caught in panting heavily..

‘What’s the problem your highness I’m almost late for my flight’..I asked..

‘Don’t go Giselle,please don’t go’..He begged and I sighed deeply…

‘We’ve been through this before Adrian!! I am not Lady Gigi!! You’re in love with —

‘I don’t love Lady Gigi —Or at least i thought I was!! I’m in love with you Giselle!! I’m deeply in love with you!’…He said aloud and I couldn’t help but scoff angrily..

‘Is this a joke?? Or a ploy to just make me stay back?? Cause if it is then it wouldn’t be funny your highness’..

‘It’s no joke!! I’m serious it’s no joke Giselle I’m really in love with you and I’m sorry for not realizing it years ago,I’ve been in love with you for a very long time,right from the day you stepped into my office Giselle I’m sorry for acting like i don’t care,sorry for making you feel less wanted,sorry for saying the things I shouldn’t have,sorry for not telling you how beautiful you really are!! I’M SORRY!’..He said and i couldn’t help but gasp loudly…

He said he loves me??..

Maybe this is a joke!!…

‘Give him a break Lady Gigi! Please don’t leave for Australia!!’..Hubert hollered and i glanced sideways only to see everyone already outside the church waiting on…

‘Please?? Let me show you how I truly feel about you?? Let me make you my Cinderella??’..He begged clasping his hands in mine and a smile sprawled across my face…

‘Okay i guess’..I said and the next thing i knew his lips went down on mine kissing me softly..

‘Mmmmh now i know your lips taste familiar’..He murmured and i couldn’t help but laugh heartily..

‘I love you Giselle’..

‘I love..i love you too Prince Adrian.Yeesh i finally got to say those words’..I replied and we both bursted into laughter

Minutes later💜
📱:Uhh sorry Nicole.I’m sorry but i can’t come’..i muttered under my breath..

📲:Really?? I worked through to get you this job and at the last minute you’re flaking out?!’..Nicole replied obviously angry..

📱:I..I’m really sorry but something came up’..i explained as my eyes darted over to Prince Adrian who was helping me braid my hair in his room…

Everything just happened so fast..

First I was this broken woman who just wanted someone to love me and now I’m with the man i truly love…

📲:Ohh okay then Giselle,bye’..She murmured and hung up the phone..

She would be still be mad for a few weeks but knowing Nicole I’m pretty sure she’ll get over it…

‘So…What do you want to do now??’..Adrian asked..

‘Me?? Uhh..nothing really..I don’t feel like doing anything i just want to be here with you your highness’..I replied and he frowned deeply..


‘You’re still referring to the man that just confessed his feelings to you as ‘Your highness?!’..He frowned again..

‘Sorry my bad I’m just not used to…’ voice trailed off as his lips went down on mine kissing me really gently as his hands circled around my waist..

‘What would you have done if I had left already??’..i couldn’t help but ask…

‘Shhh you talk too much’..He whispered still trying to kiss me but i pushed him softly..

‘You haven’t answered the question’..

‘Well I would’ve locked myself inside And wallow myself in depression.I’m really a jerk for treating you the way I did Giselle and I can’t forgive myself for what i did’..He said and my smile faded…

‘I would have been depressed too.If I had left that is—I uhm it hurt really bad knowing that I would never stop loving you even though everyone told me to’…i said as he rested his head on mine…

‘So…would you do me the honors of becoming my Cinderella forever??’..He asked and then the next thing i knew he withdrew a box from his pocket and opened it showing a large uncut diamond ring…

‘What are you…aren’t you being too fast??We haven’t even courted yet?!’..I exclaimed and his brows perked up..

‘You’ve known me for five years so I don’t see the need for any courting…please marry me Giselle’..

‘This is too…’..My voice trailed off as Queen Martha barged in with the newly wedded couples and some of the royal staff..

‘Say yes!! Say yes!! Say yes!!’..They chanted and I couldn’t help but smile..

‘So what do you say Lady Gigi?? Will you marry me!?’..

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