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The Masked Dancer – Season 1 – Episode 15

Episode 15


Prince Adrian’s POV💜

I stared down at closed door and then went into the car as soon as the rain began dropping…

She claims i don’t love her??…

I stood in front of her door and confessed my feelings and she says i don’t love her??…

‘Uhmm I don’t mean to intrude in your problems your highness but are you sure you’re in love with her??’ ..Hubert asked and I frowned…

‘What do you mean by that Hubert of course I’m in love with her!! Fine I know she’s the lady Gigi but it doesn’t mean I’m not in love with her as Giselle?!!’..I yelled and he smiled..

‘Pretty much looks like someone who’s confused to me,It’s up to you to figure out who you are really in love with —The Giselle who is the masked dancer or the Giselle who worked five years just because of the love she had for you’..He said and I sighed deeply..

Honestly I do not know…

Two Days Later💜
The castle was bubbling with activities due to the preparation for Isabel’s wedding ceremony with Hubert tomorrow..

I grunted under my breath as I found my way to the garden table which was a little bit peaceful and quiet…

‘You’re not going to be lonely for the rest of your life are you??’..Isabel asked as she sat next to me..

‘Shouldn’t you be planning your wedding or something??’..I replied .

‘Nahh it’s tiring so let’s talk….sister to brother Adrian when are you going to realize the truth??’..She said..

‘Truth?? What truth??’..i asked..

‘Truth that you’re not really in love with Lady Gigi but just obsessed with her beauty.You’re in love with Giselle Adrian and it’s high time you make her know that cause tomorrow is the last day’..She replied..

‘Last day?? What are you talking about??’..

‘Giselle is leaving South London after the wedding Adrian..She’s leaving and never returning back so you have twenty four hours dear brother—Make a decision’..

She walked away and my eyes returned back to my phone..

Slowly i scrolled through the pictures i took while in Greece only for me to notice her in the background..

She was smiling like an angel and laughing looking at me and i couldn’t help but see the admiration in her eyes…

This woman has been working for me for over eight years and I didn’t even notice her??..

I’ve been in love with her all these while I didn’t even know!!..

Her charm..

Her laugh..

Her clumsiness..

Her submissiveness!!! These are the qualities of a good wife and i was busy searching for a masked dancer..

She’s the real Cinderella!!..

She’s my Cinderella and I’m head over heels in love with her…

Giselle’s POV💜

Isabel’s Wedding Day👰🏻

I stared at myself in front of the mirror and smiled as my hands glided down the rose pink sequined gowned specially designed for me..

‘I can’t do this!! I can’t!!’..Isabel cried as she barged into my room..

‘What do you mean you can’t do this?? It’s your wedding day for Lord sakes Isabel!!’…I said aloud but she shook her head..

‘You don’t understand seriously,what if I’m not a good wife?? What if I’m not a good mother to my child??’..She asked and I smiled..

‘Look Isabel,I could kill to have a sweetheart like Hubert.He’s the definition of a real man and he loves you wholeheartedly…And why should you worry about the child when I’m here??’..

‘Really??’..She blurted out..

‘Yes really now go get dressed’..I replied as she hugged me tightly..

‘You deserve love Giselle,please don’t go’..She begged and the smile on my face faded..

An old friend of mine Nicole helped me get a job in Australia as a PR manager and i accepted it which means I would be leaving South England tonight after the wedding…

‘I have to and besides there’s nothing left for me is there??’..I finally said after a moment of silence…

‘I am here! Hubert is here! Your Godchild is here Giselle and we need you please.You could move in with us!!’..She begged but I shook my head vigorously..

‘That’ll be just me intruding your privacy Isabel!! Don’t worry I’ll face time you everyday okay?? Now it’s time for your dress so chop chop!!’..

‘I hate Adrian for letting you go’..She whimpered .

‘No don’t hate him he just doesn’t love me that’s all,besides he needs a proper wife remember?? And I’m not princess material’..

Prince Adrian’s POV💜

🎶Nothing’s gonna Change my love for you…
You ought to know by now how much I love you.

🎶One thing you can be sure of..
Is that I’ll never ask for more than your love..

🎶Nothing’s gonna Change my love for you..
You ought to know by now how much I love you….

‘I now pronounce you man and wife!!’..The priest said and Hubert kissed my sister happily…

The whole congregation clapped but my mind wasn’t present at the wedding…

It was the woman who was standing few feet away from me wearing a beautiful rose pink dress…

She was smiling but I couldn’t help but see the sheer pain in her eyes…

‘I’ve got to go now I’ve been booked for an afternoon flight by the company’..I heard her whisper to Isabel..

‘But why?? You promised to stay for the reception?? Isabel cried out and she smiled even though tears flowed freely from her eyes..

Tears that I caused..

‘Sorry but I’ve got to go’..She said and ran down the isle with her hair flowing all around…

‘You know what to do Adrian’..Mom muttered from behind me..

‘What should i do?’..i asked..

‘Go get her’..


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