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The Masked Dancer – Season 1 – Episode 14

🎭Episode Fourteen🎭

💜(Quarter Finale)


Prince Adrian’s POV💜

In obvious shock I watched as Giselle walked away in tears with her things not even sparing me a glance…

‘Giselle wait!!! Please just wait!’..I called out running after her and she flinched..

‘What?!! What do you want from me now Adrian?? You know I’m the one you’ve been looking for so what difference does it make??’..she yelled in anger and i sighed deeply..

‘Gigi..sorry Giselle this isn’t making things better!! You falling in love with me and me falling in love with Lady Gigi who turns out to be you!? Please can we just talk?!’..I begged clasping her hands in mine and she pushed it away…

‘There’s nothing to talk about your highness,you’re in love with Lady Gigi and Lady Gigi isn’t who I am.She’s the woman you wanted her to be and I’m sorry but I’m not a princess who dresses up in stupid fancy dresses and head ornaments!! I’m just a woman who wants someone to love me for me! I’m clumsy,funny,I’m beautiful,I’m always optimistic and I love myself for who I am so sorry for barging into your party and stopping you from picking a wife Adrian but Lady Gigi isn’t who I am..Goodbye’..She said and got into the cab driving away…

So she dressed up in a beautiful dress looking like an Angel and capturing my heart all because that was what I really wanted and it isn’t who she is??..

I stood outside for a while watching the sky and then little drops of rain began falling onto my shoulder…

With a deep and heavy heart I went back to the castle and plunked myself down on the sofa staring at pictures of myself and Lady Gigi in my phone…

It’s really Giselle..

I’ve been searching for a woman for months not knowing she has been with me all along this time…

Now I fully understand what Alexa meant by what I might be looking for might be right in front of me…

‘Yeah i knew about it all along’..Isabel muttered interluding my thoughts and I frowned..

‘What do you mean by you knew all along??’..i asked in a frown and she arched her brows…

‘I told her it was a bad idea playing Cinderella and all and I also told her that you weren’t worth it’..she said..

‘I wasn’t worth it?? Isabel this was like the greatest stunts of all time which made me fall head over heels in love and now you’re saying I wasn’t worth it?! I proposed Isabel!! I proposed!!’..I yelled..

‘And yeah it went out of control!! I get it but it isn’t her fault so give her a break.All she wanted was one last dance with the man she loved before he finally picked a wife that ends her hopeless crush is that so bad to ask for?? She didn’t know you would propose?? All she wanted was a dance and I still quote!! You aren’t worth it Adrian’..Isabel said and walked away..

Right now I’m on the brink of confusion and I just don’t know what to do…

Giselle is Lady Gigi and Lady Gigi is Giselle..

I know I was growing softer on her when we went to Greece and started developing some kind of fondness towards her but do I really love her??..

Giselle’s POV💜

My hands wavered over the feathered mask as little droplets fell from my eyes…

I made a terrible mistake trying to be who i wasn’t for a man who clearly stated that he wasn’t in love with me..

I made a terrible mistake trying to be what i wasn’t and look at the result..

‘Giselle are you okay??’..Mom asked as she walked into the room and it was too late before i could hide the box…

‘Giselle?? Wait you’re the masked dancer?! The one the media is talking about?!’..She exclaimed and I bit my bottom lip..

‘Yeah..Yeah I’m the masked cancer but please don’t tell anyone’..

‘Tell anyone?? For heavens sake you’re the masked dancer Prince Adrian proposed to?! I’ve been in wonder
of finding this Cinderella and it’s been you all this while?? This is unbelievable Giselle!!’..she exclaimed..

‘It still doesn’t make any big difference mom! Besides the prince is in love with Lady Gigi and not me so what’s the point??’…i retorted taking the box back outside..

‘Where are you going??’..She asked.

‘To burn this goddamn dress!!’..

The Next morning⛅
I woke up with a pounding headache and walked over to the answering machine in the kitchen,tapped on the button and then listened to all seventeen messages from Adrian..

📱:Please pick up the phone..

📱:Giselle are you there?!…

📱:Please pick up your goddamn phone!!!..

📱:Giselle please we need to talk!…

📱:I get why you’re avoiding me but all I ask for is ten minutes and then its over!!..

📱:Please pick up the phone!!..

The answering machine stopped and just then i heard the doorbell ring..

With my cup of coffee in my hand I walked over and opened the door only to see Adrian standing there with his eyes blazing red in anger..

‘All i asked for was for you to pick up the phone is that so hard to do??’..He asked angrily and I rolled my eyes without remorse..

‘What are you doing in my house Adrian??’..I asked instead..

‘I came to check if you’re okay that’s what?!! 17 missed calls Giselle even Jesus would pick up the phone!!’..He yelled..

‘Fortunately I’m not Jesus and I’m not lady Gigi either so what do you want Prince Adrian??’…I asked..

‘Giselle please I..I’ve thought about what you said and I realize it now’..He replied..

‘Realize what??’..i asked..

‘I’m in love with you Giselle I really am in love with you’..He said…

‘No you’re not your highness,please leave’..I said and slammed the door right in his face..

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