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The Masked Dancer – Season 1 – Episode 12

🎭Episode Twelve🎭

(Lewis Capaldi:Bruises would help)

Giselle’s POV💜

🎶Counting days,
Counting days,
Since my love up and got lost on me..
And every breath that I’ve been taking since you left feels like a waste on me…
I’ve been holding unto hope that you’d come back when you can find some peace…
Cause every word that I’ve heard spoken since you left feels like a hollow street..

🎶I’ve been told
I’ve been told to get you off my mind..
But i hope i hope I never loose the bruises that you left behind…
Oh my lord.
Oh my lord i need you by my side..

🎶There must be something in the water..
Cause everyday it’s getting colder..
And if only I can hold ya..
You keep my head from going under…


With every step I made it felt like I was broken the more…

With every splash of the heavy rain on my body i felt miserable the more…

Love is stupid!!..

Love is useless!!..

Love is pain..

Even after confessing my feelings he still shunned me no doubt but no more!!..

I wasn’t serious before but now I’m damn serious!!..

I’ll never have anything to do with Prince Adrian again..

‘Giselle are you okay??’..Alex asked as he pulled me inside the hotel and wrapped a towel around my body..

‘Yeah I’m..I’m fine,I’m totally fine’..i stuttered already getting the after effect of the rain..

‘Lemme guess…Adrian f**ked up real bad right??’..He asked and i shook my head…

‘Nah it’s okay,uhmm can you please book me a plane ticket back to London tonight??’..

Prince Adrian’s POV💜

The Next Day⛅

‘Ohhh you’re back?!!’..Mom said aloud as i walked into the Castle with my phone in one hand..

‘So I wasn’t supposed to be back??’..I frowned seating next to her..

‘No not that just that uhmm…Welcome back son’..She said hugging me and i couldn’t help but notice…

What on earth is going on??…

‘Where’s Isabel??’..I asked and then my little sister came down but surprisingly with a little bump around her belly…

Wait what’s going on??..

I leave for a month and then I come back to meet my sister pregnant??..

‘Uhmmm well it’s kind of a long story to be honest cause i can see the funny look in your eyes and yes—I’m carrying a baby for Hubert your driver’..She said..

‘Hubert?!! Hubert my flirty driver?! Isabel what on earth were you even thinking?!!’..i yelled in return..

‘What do you mean i love him!!’…She protested..

‘You’re in love with the driver Isabel!! My driver!! Have you no shame?!’..

‘Shame?!! You’re talking about shame?! Don’t you even preach to me about Shame Adrian!!’..She screamed and i rubbed my temple in frustration..

‘We’ll talk about this later where’s Giselle?!’…

‘She quit remember??’..Mother replied and I walked away angrily..

I should have never gone to Greece…

Giselle’s POV💜

I waved at the cab driver who complimented my red shoes and walked inside the house only for confetti to be blown into my face..

‘Surprise!!!’..Mom and dad said aloud and I chuckled loudly at the banner..


‘You guys are the worst!!’..

‘Yeah and we made you a cake to celebrate’..Dad replied smearing strawberry flavored ice cream cake on my face and I opened my mouth in disbelief..

‘Dad no fair!!’…I screamed and he hugged me tightly..

‘You don’t need him baby you’ve got us and you’re married to us too’..He said and I had to blink more than once so I wouldn’t cry..

‘I promise to get married before the year runs out mom and dad’..I whimpered and they both kissed my cheek..

‘Don’t be desperate honey,all you need is a man who loves and appreciates you and Prince Adrian isn’t that man’..Mom implied and I nodded as I took off my shoes and joined them on the couch,rested my leg on dad’s thighs and my head on mom’s..

‘So let’s watch A Royal wedding??’.Mom asked..

‘Honey stop,our daughter just got dumped by a prince’..Dad whispered and we both screamed aloud..


‘Fine!! Fine let’s watch The spy who dumped me’..


‘I’m kidding let’s watch Banana split’..

Prince Adrian’s POV💜

‘Mom you’re not going to let Isabel marry that lowly driver are you??’..I grunted as I barged into mother’s Room..

‘As long as she’s happy who am I to stop her??’..She replied and i scoffed..

‘Mom?! He’s no match for her! Isabel is a princess and he’s just a—

‘So what Adrian?? So what?? Since when did status become a criteria in marriage??’..She cut in loudly and my eyes widened in bewilderment…

‘Mom!! You can’t possibly be serious are you??’…

‘Of course I’m serious Adrian!! Isabel loves Hubert more than anything and I’m sure he loves her too from the way he looks at her..Don’t you see?? even you are in love with Lady Gigi and you don’t even know who she is!’..She yelled..

What has come over my mother?!..

‘Mother you and I know pretty well that if Isabel marries Hubert then she won’t be a Royal anymore’..I said still adamant on the notion..

‘Ohh come off your high horse Adrian,even I wasn’t a royal when I married your father?? As long as Isabel is happy then it’s none of your business besides being a Royal hasn’t had much effect has it on her?? Only just attending social functions and waving with her gloved Hand nothing else..Give your sister a break’..She explained and I sighed deeply..

‘Okay fine have Giselle call in the event planners we have to get them married to avoid a scandal’..I said and her brows arched..

‘Giselle isn’t here’..

‘Well then where is she??’..I retorted irritably..

‘She quit Adrian!! You’ve been calling Giselle all day and I’ve been telling you that she quit!!’..

‘Well then get me another assistant!!’..

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