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The Masked Dancer – Season 1 – Episode 10

🎭Episode Ten🎭

Prince Adrian’s POV💜

What the hell just happened??..

She just acted like I don’t even matter or something!!!..

‘WHOA someone’s angry!!!’..Alex muttered as he walked over..

‘Look young man I’m not in the mood for arguing or for fighting just talk to your friend Giselle and tell her that if she doesn’t behave herself she might loose her job’..I retorted..

‘Why?? Cause she refused going out to dinner with you?? I think you’re the type that isn’t used to getting what he wants’..He said and I rolled my eyes ineptly…

‘Mind your business muchacho and stick to your Greek gods’..I warned..

Still looking at him Giselle walked out with her hair all wet and with only a robe on and she yelped running back inside..

I was quick to barge in barge in before she locked it..

‘Okay what’s wrong with you today??Is it something I said??’..I asked even though I was half blinded at the sight of her wet hair and thighs…

‘What?? I didn’t do a thing your highness I just didn’t want to go out to dinner with you’..She replied cleaning her hair out..

Where’s the submissive Giselle I know of?!!…

It’s like she’s a whole new person and I don’t recognize her anymore…

‘Have I done something wrong??’..I asked and she raised her hands in mock surrender…

‘You’ve done nothing wrong!!! You’ve done nothing wrong for five f**king years with all due respect!! You haven’t done anything so let’s leave it at that!!’..She yelled and i arched my brows..

‘What are you really angry about?!! If you’re so angry and can’t stay any longer then quit!!!’…I screamed not knowing the gravity of my words and she nodded…

‘Okay then your highness!! I quit!!!’..She yelled and went into the bathroom slamming the door really hard on my face..

What on earth did I just say??….

Giselle’s POV💜

I stared at myself in the mirror and in a moment I bursted into hot tears..

The words ‘THEN JUST QUIT’ replayed and replayed in my head over and over again…

For five years I’ve loved this man and given my all to him and all he could say is ‘THEN JUST QUIT’…

For five years I’ve put up with his attitude..

His raining insults..

His precarious demands..

And he could say is ‘THEN JUST QUIT’..

📱:Mom??’..I whimpered as soon as I slided to the green icon on my phone..

📲:Baby what’s wrong??’..She asked and I broke down..

📱:He told me to quit mom!! He said if I wanted to quit then I should just quit!! He was so awful to me mom!!’..

📲:Who?!! The prince?? You quit?! Honey come listen Giselle has finally quit!’..she said aloud and I heard dad’s voice from the background..

📲:Giselle?? You quit?! Well praise saint john you’ve finally come to your senses!!’..He said and I couldn’t help but laugh…

They’re always there for me when I need them..

📱:But it hurts knowing that you put your all for someone and it’s taken for granted’..I murmured wiping a speck of liquid of my cheek…

📲:That’s life honey,some men are just born to be ungrateful and Prince Adrian actually is—Take this as a new turn around in your life,you’re still in Athens aren’t you?? Go around,go sightseeing get a hot rich play boy and f**k him to death’..He replied..

📱:Dad?!! That’s nasty!!’..

📲:Yeah that’s why your mother married me,go honey,go become no prince’s property’…He said and hung up…

I don’t know why I was so blinded by the love I had for him..

So blind that I had to be stupid enough to let him use me..

Minutes later💜
🎶Right now I’m in a state of mind..
I wanna be like this all the time..
Ain’t got no tears left to cry..

🎶Yeah I’m picking it up,I’m picking it up,Ioving and living so we turn it up..

I came out of the store with three bags filled with new clothing and smiled at every guy who looked at me twice…

A camera hung on my neck as I boarded a taxi still juvinated and excited about my trip to Aphrodite temple..

Hmm mm…

The smell of independence is so good..

‘Where to beautiful??’..The taxi driver asked dubbing his hat from the rear view mirror..

‘The Emperor hotel’..I replied and his eyes widened..

‘The emperor hotel?? Are you some rich woman or something??’..He asked and i chuckled softly..

‘No sir I’m a woman who no longer cares about her prince charming anymore!!’..

Prince Adrian’s POV💜

I stared at the picture of Lady Gigi and I which was captured at the ball over and over again but my mind couldn’t bear drifting back to Giselle..

Did i really tell her to quit and she quit??..

Oh God of mercy i was so blinded by my anger and frustration that I said unimaginable things to her!!..

‘Hey is there a club somewhere near here??’..I asked feeling the urge to drink…

I can’t even remember when last I visited the club..

I’ve been so busy with attending meetings and working that i don’t even enjoy the normal things bachelors like me do anymore…

‘Yes sir there’s a club just downstairs’..the maid replied and i nodded dropping my room key inside and left the room..

‘Sir your key’..The maid hollered..

‘Nah just leave it there’..

Giselle’s POV💜

📱:I quit’..I murmured..

📲:You what??’..Isabel snickered..

📱:I’m not playing I quit’..I said and this time more sternly..

📲:Jeez you’re not really joking are you?! Oh my God Giselle what the hell happened?!!’..She asked with pure concern in her voice and i shook the thought of crying away from my head..

📱:He told me that if I can’t bear working anymore then i should just quit’..

📲:Really?? He said that?? Adrian has always been dumb!! And to think that he doesn’t know that his masked dancer is right in front of him!!’..She scoffed and before I could say more someone knocked on my door…

‘Who is it??’..i asked and when i opened it Adrian was there..

‘What do you want??’..I asked..

‘Look uhmm I’m locked out of my room can you please call for room service??’..He replied…

‘I can’t’..


‘Cause i don’t WORK for you anymore your highness’..I muttered and slammed the door on his face

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