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The Masked Dancer – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 17]

The masked dancer

The masked dancer


(His Cinderella)

(Kay’s short series)

Episode One

Adrian’s POV

‘Good morning Prince Adrian’..I heard Giselle say as i opened my eyes..

‘Good morning Giselle what’s on my schedule this morning??’..i asked sliding into my robe and my usual clumsy royal assistant fumbled with the papers…

‘Well your highness,you have a meeting with Madam Leqiour of Leiqour Designs for your new tuxedo and your mother the queen is…is uhmmm i think there’s a mistake somewhere’..She stuttered and i frowned deeply…

‘I do not pay you to stutter or make mistakes Giselle’..

‘S..sorry…sorry your Highness it’s just that i didn’t have much sleep last night so I..I..I just had to..

‘Giselle??’..i cut in..

‘Yes Prince Adrian??’..she replied blinking through her glasses…

‘Next time don’t you ever enter my room and wake me up when my morning schedule isn’t accurate got that??’..I warned and she nodded..

‘Yes..y..yes your highness’..She muttered and scampered away still trying to arrange the files..

I just don’t know where I got that girl from..

I’ve never seen someone act so clumsy in my 30 years of living in this world…

Minutes later

‘Giselle when is my meeting with the Prime minister of London??’..i asked as i adjusted my new wristwatch..

‘Uhmm around 2pm your highness and you also have a meeting with the Prince Hugh scheduled my 4:30′..she replied trying to keep up the pace..

‘Scrap my 4:30 meeting’..I muttered..

‘But this meeting is important your highness and Prince..


‘Yes your highness’…

‘I do not pay you to question my authority Giselle,you do as I say now get the driver ready’..

Giselle’s POV

I sighed deeply as Prince Adrian walked away with so much power and demeanor…

I mean how can one man have so much power by just walking??..

I just wish that one day he can really see how I like him so much..

Jeez what is wrong with you Giselle??..

He’s a prince and you’re his personal assistant..

‘You know you shouldn’t let him bully you around like that’..i heard and I turned around only to see Princess Isabel,Adrian’s sister..

‘Ohh your highness i didn’t…i didn’t see you there’..I stuttered looking down at my shoes nervously..

‘Yeah you didn’t cause i was busy observing how bad of a person my brother is’..She replied..

‘He’s not that bad your highness you know?? He’s just in a bad mood’…i quickly defended and she frowned..

‘Yeah cause you’re head over heels in love with him and I’m sure he knows that’s why he treats you like dirt’..She winced grabbing her hot cocoa from the maids..

Isabel is more of a friend than a princess to me..

We’ve been close for over six years ever since I started working for the royal family…

‘He doesn’t know that!! Cause it isn’t true!! I just have a crush on him that’s all!’..i protested..

‘Yeah a crush for six good years keep crushing on sister until you get crushed by him’..she retorted wiggling her finger at me…

‘Ughhh you’re such a bad sissy your highness I’m saying the truth it’s just a crush!!!’…

‘You’re smart Giselle,you’re smart and i really like you but you’re also dumb’..she said and instead of taking it as a bland comment I just chuckled…

‘You know the queen wouldn’t like to hear that from you’..

‘Yeah my mother is such a bore and..’..Her voice trailed off as Prince Adrian screamed my name..


‘Ohh look your slave master calls’..she teased and I shrugged running outside…

The car and the driver was ready and I opened the car door and just before i could even sit he raised his hands to stop me..

‘What do you think you’re doing??’..He asked and i blinked—Twice ..

‘Your highness I…

‘Go sit in front of the car Giselle i don’t have to tell you everything!!’..He cut in and I sighed deeply..

I walked over to the front seat and Hubert the driver rolled his eyes..

‘You’re so patient with him,He’s an a*shole’..He whispered silently and i sighed again…

Why does everyone keep telling me this??..

My phone rang immediately and when i checked it it was Prince Hugh..

Ohh God

:Uhh Good morning your highness how was your trip to Monaco??’..i asked nipping at my bottom lip..

:The meeting was canceled Giselle so i want a perfect explanation why!!’..Prince Hugh replied and i glanced over at Adrian who was in return not bothered..

:Uhmm Prince Adrian is not in the country right now for a very urgent cause’..I lied..

:You should know that this meeting is very Important Giselle and I won’t tolerate this nonsense!!’..He yelled..

I’ll try to get over to him soon your high…’ voice trailed off as soon as he hung up..

‘That was Prince Hugh,he’s not happy’..i said ..

‘On second thoughts don’t cancel the meeting’..Prince Adrian and i almost screamed..

‘Okay sir’..I managed to say biting my lower lip..

You have got to be kidding me!!!…

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