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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 7

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

As I advance, na that same moment car slow down… Person wan come down, as the person dey march dey come back, na so I codedly shout “pure water!!!”.. As person wey dey sell pure water come, I come dey ask am whether he get N1000 change. The guy come say make I bring the money make him go get the change come… See me see wahala o (Yana so ya nuna mun wayo), na me dis guy wan turn Johnson? I tell the guy make e no bother….

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Meanwhile the person wey wan drop, don do so. At once na im I say make I settle down to unfinished business, the moment I say make I turn, na dat same moment na im the babe hand go under my bag find my d.ckson. I pause for mid-breath… The girl carry her hand go up, draw am come down as if she dey measure the size. E no even bother me, cos I know say mo ye gifted!!! (Am Endowed). As I dey say make I relax, na so her hand find the cap of my d.ick o, she come begin dey stroke am gentle…. Come close her eyes like say na she dem dey stroke.

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For my mind na im I come say, why I even dull dey look the babe, she don succeed reach my manliness, and I just dey dull myself.

Piam, my finger come stretch imsef towards the familiar warmness, the middle one come jam with small fluffy obstruction. The bush wey dey over dat V-Shape stuff. I come smooch am small dey feel the roughness on my skin.

As I dey smooch am dey go, the girl dey tickle my J0yst!ck.son cap. Slowly I come carry my fingers rest on the already swollen c.litoris dey rub, gentle… The place don already dey wet, automatically, my finger just curve… Locate the hole, na so I dip am enter, the muscle wey dey the surrounding just contract con sq££ze my finger. I look the girl face, one kind queer queer smile just dey on top. Ungwanu, one hand dey on top bobbi, the other one dey swim inside kitty, na so I proceed to finger p h u c k am o……

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In and out, na so my fingers dey go, dey give the desired s£nsat!on. The girl ma increase the tempo wey she dey carry stroke my D.ickson, o’boy, the thing come dey sweet me die….

Meanwhile all the stroking na outside e dey happen as the vibration for her body no allow her unzip my zippers.

D bus dey advance dey reach my bus-stop, I dey calculate dey reason whether make I proceed or make I just drop for my bus-stop.

My mind come turn to two, the one wey dey reason normal and the one wey dey reason under the influence of alcoholic ecstasy (pardon my grammar). Na the one under alcoholic ecstasy na im win o. Na so I reason am say make I tell the babe say I don dey reach my bus-stop, as I whisper am anter her ear, her hand just pause…….

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