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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 5

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

I come dey reason how e go feel like to land this kind okpeke for bed, men!!! E go pour brain die neh. I even like the way wey the conversation dey head. As she say na down north she been stay, na im I say make I ask her another question if she no mind. She come talk say no problem… I come ask her which part of the down north she comot from (all the while dey pray for my mind make e be kano o….), well, before she tell me, she come carry me go down memory lane come dey tell me how she carry escape death for post election violence.

I pity her small, but for my mind I just dey reason say dis girl no see anything. Me wey turn Jet Li dey dodge bullet when Boko Haram attack Kano….? Na im I tell her say, well gone are the days of cutlass and sticks… Right now, na the period of gun and bombs…. She come laugh small, turn look me come ask me how come I carry know all this things….. I just shrug tell her say I read am. The girl come tell me say she get scar for hand, na im I say make I see.

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As the girl carry her hand flash out, I come look am dey tell her sorry sweetly, come dey use style dey rub am for her. Dat time na im I tell her say me na ex-settler for Kano, say I don even learn the art of dodging bullet.

As I dey talk, I dey carry my voice dey go down, all of a sudden, I come pop-up the question, ask her whether she get boyfriend. Shu, d girl just look me for my eyes come ask why I wan know… I no hide am o, I hide under the umbrella of northern unity come tell her say, as e be say I no get babe na (BIG LIE!!!), and I no know how the babes for here dey like, whether me and her fit become friends. She just wan argue, na so my hand find imself for her legz, kai! See as e soft like mad. All my mind, I tink say she go remove am but she just leave am.

Make the hand move, e no gree, I hold on den come sq££ze am a little…. Na im I look her come tell her say, make I tell her small yarn…..
Omo see poetic switching na
Beauty is divine and a religion
Given to women for men
Smooth and slippery at the same time
For a joy ride it is at first
But like a dagger in your heart
It will forever be when it is broken
The talk sweet her o, na at the same time, I move my hands go up jump her honey pot come touch her for belle. I take style pass comment about the belle, she no even answer…. She just keep quite. At that time day done dey dark…. As e dey be for Subsidy Bus, na so the driver switch on im light o, I come dey feel say the driver wan spoil my show.

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But like play play, d light no even reach where we dey…. Come see hold up for road na. As my hand dey the belle, my other hand don round the wait go under go grab her for her soft yansh. Dat place soft ooo…. Na so my hand come dey climb up slowly, my heart dey beat with expectancy, as I proceed reach up, I stop the hand for right under the b0s0m. I no proceed again. I just pause come carry my eyes look round whether another person dey look d magic wey I dey perform. Na so the girl hold my hand, come whisper say, why I stop.

Her voice just dey hoarse, I no even recognize am…….

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