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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 41

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

As we dey the position for like 30 minutes without talking to each other, my mind just dey play on the issue of the babe wey I just Bleep,

me I no even know wetin dey go through her mind as she just keep quite, person just knock my door. Before I go even move self I don hear loud voice for outside:

“Angela, I know that you are there, come outside now!!!”

Na so the person hit the door again. Who come be Angela again, I just confuse. I carry eye look Sandra wey don quickly jump comot from my body don begin shake, na this one come be Angela again? Na so I shake head come whisper ask am:

“Are you the Angela he is asking after?”

Na so she shake her head up and down like lizard, her voice just cease. I shake my head come hold her hand carry her go close to one of my curtain, as I open am, the place just reveal on door wey you no go know say dey there until you open the curtain. I open the door push her enter store tell her say make she lock am from inside which she do sharp sharp.

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Na so I pick her pant and brassier with her shoe throw am put on top my hanger as the knock for the door come persist. I waka go where I keep alomo, pick am, open am pour all for my mouth dey close my eyes tight wait for like 3 minutes. Na so the hitting for the door come serious and the voice outside just dey shout. I come dey even hear other voices self dey tell the person make him take am easy. Na so I open my eyes see say I don tipsy small then waka go the door go open am.

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Na so hand grab my neck wan pull me come outside. I quickly hit the hand comot come push the person go back come waka come outside.

I come discover say na one middle age man with bear bear wey don edey white for some side na im stand outside so.

“Mr. man, my wife is inside your house and I want you to bring her out now before I do something crazy
Na so the man shout for my face, im saliva just dey shoot out from him mouth dey baff my face, as I don high, I no even send. But the part wey him call him wife just dey ring for my head. No wonder Sandra just dey behave anyhow as she hear him voice. So na married woman she be self, but me just compose myself as I no wan Bleep up before them go say I dey commit bachelor adultery. Na so I carry my dim eyes look the man for face come use my highed voice take talk to am.

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“I resemble person wey dey hide people wife for im house”

Na so the man move go back come carry hand hold nose. I advance come hold am for shirt dey stagger small small.

“Why you go come my house this kind morning dey come disturb my sleep, if your house dey scratch your body, my own still dey sweet me”.

Na so I push the man go back come rush am like say I wan fight am, na so people rush just hold me come begin tell the man make him dey go house go wait for him wife make she come back, before I raise my head up, the man just rush push people comot from road, run enter inside my house dey shout him wife name. Na so I vex rush enter inside house go pull this man by the collar of im shirt fling am come outside but I just dey careful not to do anything wey go involve Police.

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