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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 40

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

She then stood up and started planting kisses all over my body while helping me pull my shirt off. In not time my shirt was already on the floor while I helped pull the top she was putting on. She had on a pink bra her b0s0m straining against it hard trying to free itself from its choking grip. I bent my head and started planting kisses on the b0s0m without releasing it from the bra while I fondled with the button of her jean trouser. I succeed in pulling the jean trouser down revealing pink [email protected] which I quickly slided my hand into to meet a very wet [email protected] already dripping.

With her aid I unstrapped the bra while my middle finger was already inside her [email protected] Bleeping her quickly while she m0aned. I dropped my head on her b0s0m which she had raised to meet my lips swallowing her Tip into my mouth sU-Cking it hungrily. With my mouth on her b0s0m and my finger inside her [email protected], her hand tied round my neck while my other arm held her firmly on her waist, I manipulated her until she started vibrating. Soon her knees gave way making her slump on my arm while I guided her to the ground slowly.

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I continued finger Bleeping her moving my mouth between the two Tips biting her gently while she m0aned loudly into my ears. Soon her body stiffened and vibrated while she bit deeply into my shoulder but I ignored the pain and continued punishing her until I felt her Pour covering my hand.

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I quickly stretched my hand to where my trouser had fallen while she tugged at my J0yst!ck bringing the semi Attention back to its strength. I dipped my hand into the pocket producing a condom which I wore over my J0yst!ck while she removed her trouser completely from her legs and spread her [email protected] wide for me to dig in. I brought my J0yst!ck to the opening of her [email protected] and started teasing her femalecore brushing it up and down while she begged me to penetrate her. I ignored her pleas and continued punishing her, her m0ans driving me crazy.

Soon she grabbed my J0yst!ck and pushed it into her [email protected] the wetness and warmness engulfing it.

I swallowed hard, positioned myself and started Bleeping her hard on the ground while twisting and turning my waist. She met each of my thrust with an upward thrust making my J0yst!ck sink deeper into her [email protected] while she also wined her waist. I pumped her [email protected] savouring each moment m0an!ng while she kept asking me if I’m enjoying it in between m0ans. I pressed her legs together, lifted it up covering her face making her [email protected] tighter and the friction more intense. She screamed my name and came, her [email protected] wall squeezing my J0yst!ck prompting me to come with her. I left my J0yst!ck inside her [email protected] as I caught my breath burying kisses on her neck and b0s0m. As my J0yst!ck started losing its Attention, I pulled out from her and walked to the toilet to dispose of the condom. I came out and walked into the bathroom to wash the sweat off me while she waited for me to come out entering into the bathroom after I came out.

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As I wore my boxers, it dawned to me that I had not eaten. Kai, na so I open plate wey I cover see say the indomie don cold but I still start to dey chop am because the hunger for my belle no get part to. Na so she come out come join me, me and her come chop the indomie use the Maltina wash am go down, come lie down for each other body with her on top of me while she dey pinch the hair for my chest. I just relax carry my phone come check am, na so I see 15 missed calls and one message, all from Tonia. Na so my head shake “gbigbi gbogbo” as I open the message check. The sentence just dey short and precise… “Damn you, A.RS.E HOLE”. Kai, me don turn arsehole say I no hear the call and moreover, she for no give me [email protected] as per say na my babe cousin. Na so I bone just arrange myself concentrate for the babe wey dey my body.

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