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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 4

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

Unknown to me Roselyn has other plans in mind, cos as soon as I stepped out of the rest room (Male and Female restroom is attached), lo and behold, there right in front of me was Roselyn smiling sheepishly. I wasn’t jilted cos I thought she just came by too. All of a sudden without talking, her hand went straight below my belt. Being a guy who was always protective of my stuff I stopped her hand before it reached anywhere. Instead of apologizing, she playfully freed her hand, turned round and walked away. GEE!!!

The message was as clear as crystal, am gonna get la!d, and I liked the idea of hitting a lady from Calabar, always fantasized it. You guyz know what am talking about, apart from cooking, there is a myth that goes round that Calabar girls are tigresses when it comes to love making.

At last my fantasy was going to come to pass.

What I have always craved for was knocking right at my door…. I couldn’t wait to get home that day as everything from that moment seemed to be working out just fine. At last, time came for me to go home and being this kinda economizing person, I decided to board a subsidy bus that will drop me at my destination.

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I gathered my things together, matched out and took a stroll to the road side. Looking around me, I came to appreciate the beauty of nature. See fine chicks everywhere, nice b.utt and b0s0ms to behold…. As I was contemplating what to do, the bus came and being a gentle guy, I followed the queue. When it came to my turn, I paid and stepped in through that counter of theirs that you have to push with extra-ordinary energy. As I scanned for a place to sit down, my eyes fell on an empty seat right beside a beautiful lady.

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I walked up there and sat down. Relaxed a bit and closed my eyes to catch some sleep…

Damn it! My day has been stressful. I tried as much as I could but could not even get a wink of sleep; my mind was busy going over the escapades I have read about in magazines.

I shook myself and told myself, “bro, that could be fiction… Just some writer’s imagination to get cash out of us”… Funny, I refused to believe myself…. I turned to the angel, who was around twenty/twenty-one…

I looked at her and what I saw took my breath away. She was dressed in a spaghetti top and being a little not gifted in b0s0ms wasn’t putting on a bra, her Tips shooting out, b0s0ms inviting and from the soft material she was putting on, I knew it is going to be soft. Her pant was tight and fitting right from her waist down to her slim legs. Bending my head down a bit, I discovered that what she lacked above was supplemented greatly below. I took in a deep breath, smiled pensively to myself and said “Hi, am Joey”… Was I expecting a reply?

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I sure did get one, a disgusted look from her.

That look shake me small, na im I tell myself say, “guy, no allow this kind thing deter you, after all, man no die, man no rotty”. I cleared my voice a little and made it soft (each time I switch to dat mode, even my mom trips for me cos I could exhort her of all the money in the world and she wouldn’t mind) “Am sorry for disturbing you, but the truth is, am kind of a stranger here”. She looked at me again and in the sweetest of voices said “how is that supposed to be my business”… “Well, I was thinking if you are going to tell me the names of different places when we get there” I answered. She sighed and said, by the way, how come you’re claiming to be a stranger.

I told her, I just came in the previous week and being a gentle man, have been sitting at home until the job am doing came by. She fell silent….

I was like, “have you been staying here all your life”…. She said yap but she traveled down north and stayed for five years…. I don dey get comfortable small small….

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