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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 38

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

Saturday morning met me cleaning my the house and preparing for what was to come that day. Na so I just dey clean and re-clean the whole place dey calculate as the Bleeping was be like. As I satisfy say house don clean well I just comot say make I go buy high-up wey I go take and other things wey the woman go like drink when she come. I reach shop buy 4 medium stout, 2 malt, 1 alomo and one packet of durex condom. I no dey risk am jor.

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I reach house come enter kitchen begin prepare indomie and boiled egg wey I go chop that morning when my phone just ring. Sharp sharp na so I rush go the phone place come pick am see say na Sandra dey call me. I just dey look the phone till e stop to dey ring come put am back for my pocket waka enter inside kitchen go continue with my cooking. Na so my phone ring again, I pick:

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“You did not pick the call when I called the first time”

Na the first thing wey she just tell me be that. Na so I smile:

“I was busy in the kitchen and when I came to pick the call had already cut”

I just lie give am.

“Owk, I’m at the junction where we do enter car in the morning”

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Kai, so soon. Haka ne gindi yana mata a jikin ta ne (did I just write in Hausa, well sorry)? I asked myself but then I braced up and replied.
“I’m on my way, just give me ten minutes”

The line went dead on the other end while I hastily dished out the indomie, peeled the cooked egg and used it to adorn the top before shutting the door and making my way to the junction. As I came closer my phone rang, looking at it I saw “Tonia”, a girl I had promised was going to come to my house.

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