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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 35

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

Na so my hand hook for the leg, I just dey reason wetin I go do with the hand until the woman hand just come cover my hand come carry am gently put back for my own leg. Chei, I just breath in come close my eyes wan begin sleep. I forget say all of them dey make noise inside car, I just maintain myself. Na so small time, the same lady just carry her hand come put for my leg again, sq££ze am come still ask another question:

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“If your girlfriend comes to you and tells you she is pregnant when it was only once you had s*x with her, are you going to accept or deny the baby?”

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Na so my ear stand. From politics na e don enter romance, e no go tay e go enter jokes. Na so I clear my throat, na this kind question I dey like answer.

“I go accept am na, after all na me Bleep her.

But when the pikin come and e no resemble me, na there she go start to dey answer questions from”

The whole place just silent. Me come close my eyes but this time the lady no comot her hand from my lap, she just keep am there. The next thing her hand start to dey go up and down, na so my preek just start to dey stand my body temperature come wan climb up. I still maintain until her hand come move up, na so I open my eyes look, kai, I just discover say she don carry her sweater cover her leg plus my leg. Na so her hand just come in contact with my preek. I just adjust well so that she go hold am well while my eyes just being waka round the car to see if any of the men notice wetin wan begin happen. By then we don already reach hold up for Mararaba.

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I just smile, na here I go do wetin dey for my mind.

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