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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 33

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

I just wake up that morning with vex, very early. Haba self, I don even tire with the whole matter, when I been start the work I no believe say e go turn to this level. When I been dey look for work, I even fit do labourer job self, if only those boko boys no pursue person comot from Kano. Today self, I come here say dem attack a whole Emir of Kano (i dey vex jor, I gats include am for the story), kill im driver and Governor come follow confirm say four people follow die.

But wait o, 4 x 5 na wetin? Na so we dey take know how many people really die for those attack. My beloveth kano wey me wan go claim residency so that I go chop enough bursary.

Too bad sha.

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Make una no mind me jor. I just tire for everything but I no dey derail my thread because no be politics section be this, we dey here to catch for. Ehen, reminding me of Quiver wey just come dey rant dey talk of guys wey dey pride themselves after nyashing enough girls. Make I ask, key wey dey open many locks and lock wey many keys dey open, which one make sense pass?

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Lol. Anyway, Quiver, go meet who break your heart jor make him mend am back, we no be magicians for here and if girls still dey offer us toto we go still dey chop. Haba mana yarinya.

Sorry, I been wan start the thread now but I go use this space do my ranting before continuing.

Chei, Nairaland girls and their various gist.

Imagine say I be one ugly dude wey go compete for ”Most Handsome”, use that one take get babe then later na to see say the guy no fine and him na meat seller, very honest profession, she come here dey rant. God is watching you.

Ehm… I still dey sha, God dey my side and I believe say na Him know end from begining.

For those wey go follow me for this thread, I promise not to disappoint una and I go make the pidgin soft one. In fact, na code mixing things get me. By the way, na comment me dey look for.

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If you read, you enjoy the tori and you no comment well, your preek stand or your obo wet and you no comment, God dey see you.

Any which way sha, I welcome una all on board officially, I go dey knack una tori sef, no nid to wait jor.

I wish to see all them dudes of those days come back here come make this thread fun, but if na new guys dey here make una no dull things ooo. Babes, make una no do read and pass. Quiver, you are officially asked to come and join me so we can make the ride worthwhile.

Oga Jaybee, abeg no hide any comment and no ban me so that we go catch fun to the utmost. I appreciate in advance.

Sexkillz… Hold yourself… I no wan see your comment here wo… I mean am fa… My angry face no good. **whispers** na joke o, before you go conive with Jaybee to ban my arseee.

Anywhich way sha, no fall hands.

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