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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 30

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

She just burry her head for my J0yst!ck dey sU-Ck am dey go, moving am in and out of her mouth with speed, choi, the thing sweet me die, na my turn to start to dey make all the necessary sound…. Ohhhh… uhhh….ehhh… The more I m0an, the more the girl sU-Ck am. I just find myself for third abi na thirty-third paradise.

My waist come start this involuntary movement of moving back and forth, see me dey Bleep her mouth and dey relish every thrust wey be say I give her inside her mouth. The next thing, my leg start to dey vibrate… Choi, wetin be this, I think say this man give me energy drink plus all the alomo wey I don swallow for that wine shop. Na so I carry hand stop her, make she hold on for the moment, as she rise, na so I carry hand pinch her Tip with force, na so the babe shout… my mind come relax a little bit. I chase the girl as she wan turn back, her waist wey I hold draw back just bring her nyash square with my Thomas Johnson. The next thing, I carry hand bend her; see her see chair but I no even reason her go the chair side sef.

I arch my legs go down, carry my hand grab my kini.. na so I carry eye look the kini, afraid catch me because of the way wey be say e just carry strong for my hand. My J0yst!ck just stand straight and I fit swear say the J0yst!ck go tear through wall, if you carry iron hit am, the iron go bounce back. Na this kind thing I wan carry put inside person pikin, na so I just dey happy for my mind say this girl no go forget me in a hurry. Plus the normal Bleep wey I wan Bleep join the alomo and the drink wey all men mix for water, na so my J0yst!ck double for size.

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Choi, this girl totolinto go hear word today!!!
As the babe dey for semi bended posture, me ma kuku ma carry my leg adjust her leg, na so her nyash open wide and the totolinto just dey stare hard at my J0yst!ck and face. I advance slowly bring my J0yst!ck head join the mouth of the girl toto, I never even enter sef, the girl don dey drip, with one deep breath, I just penetrate enter her sweet haven. The babe body just freeze but me still dey push my J0yst!ck wey dey find am difficult to enter toto until everything don enter. See as her toto grip my J0yst!ck die, the babe back, me sef come dey stretch neck make I see her reaction but instead na her hair I see wey just cover her face. With my J0yst!ck inside her totolinto na so I use am direct her reach the closest chair make she grab and the moment wey her hand just touch the chair, I start to dey Bleep am nicely and slowly according to the rhythm of the song wey dey play. I dey twist my waist so that my J0yst!ck go reach all the part of her totolinto, she ma she dey grind her waist dey meet every of my gentle thrust.

This babe think say I be gentle man o, she never jam something wey go make her run comot room Unclad… (In dai ruwa ya fara zafi, kwado ya san wai rahilla ya na kusa)… When the water start getting hot, the frog knows that paradise is just an arm’s length. The babe no kuku know say na warming up I dey into.

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Like play play, I increase the tempo of my thrust inside her orifice, na so she ma increase the tempo at which her nyash dey jam my laps. Her m0an!ng come increase join but the music still overshadow am. I raise one of her leg place for the low stool wey dey near the chair, carry my hand part her nyash lip dey dig deeper inside her totolinto, na so the babe dey meet every of my chuking with receiving… I continue for five minute, wrestle the girl go ground, climb on top her dey furk her the missionary style, the babe ma just dey receive my heavy thrust with confirm twist and winding of her waist. Choi, her m0an just dey sound like ring tone for my ear… I dey furk her… she dey furk me…. We dey furk ourselves… Music dey inspire me, my energy dey im peak. As I dey knack am missionary style, na so the babe close her eyes just dey shout “harder! Harder!! Harder!!!”
na so I change gear begin give her in fourple(New English) stroke. As I dey Bleep am, na im I act like say I wan comot adjust small, for where, the babe just carry her leg roll my nyash come press me like say she want make I fall enter her totolinto. Na so I just dey swear for her for my mind, which kind wahala be this… I think say na me suppose dey in control and she go start to dey complain say her toto don dey pain am.

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