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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 3

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

As I dey there dey reason how e go be like if I commit anytin na im Madam call my name, I ansa, She call am again, I tell her say I dey there. Na so she look me come tell me say, anything wey I get for mind, make I comot am as e be say e no go work. See as I come say for my mind, see me see wahala o… Dis woman dey form sorceress for me abi wetin? She come say, make I avoid that Calabar chick o. Say make e be say na only work join us…. Shu, I come speechless come open eyes piaam dey look madam. Na wetin na, must she just turn me professional immediately, abi person no get right again to talk to im fellow worker.

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Na so she snap her finger tell me say make I dismissed. Nothing more? I just carry the surprise wey I carry come there carry go back.

I begin reason wetin Madam talk. How she take carry know self say for my first dey for work I don already start to dey make friend.

Na so I carry myself soberly go siddon for my chair come dey tink. As I dey carry eye dey scan up dey reason wetin I go do next, n aim my eye come see one small security camera.

Kai!!! Na so e be like for here, abi dem dey watch person every move?. Well, the thing come make me reason am o, with all this fine fine chickalas for here, u mean say nufin I go fit do? I quickly comot the thought from my mind as I reason wetin I nearly enter because of my early mor mor adventure. My adventurous spirit take over come say sho, guy, na so u go carry dull yourself? Better find way out now before you go become too comfortable.

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As I reason am like dat, na im I hala say I wan urinate…. No be say I shout o, I use style call the potter, come ask as say wey rest room dey.

The guy come give me direction, na so I carry my leg run piam dey go rest room. As I dey waka, my eyes dey up dey scan, see cameras everywhere… Na wetin man go do. I waka jeje enter inside the toilet, carry my d.i.c.kson out come sq££ze small piss all the while dey plan how my stay for this job go profit me small.

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