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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 29

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

E get some kind songs wey be say if you hear am whenever you wan Bleep, na that moment you go know say pre-intimacy make sense.

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Me don know wetin I get to do for mind but i just dey wait make the babe take the lead, before I go finish tink am, the babe hand just stroll reach my kini side come grab am. No be small thing… Dem say na stolen food sweet pass but this time na strange toto na im make sense pass. As the babe grab my J0yst!ck, I just push my head go her mouth place come begin dey kiss, na so this babe respond lik say dem put electric for im toto wey be say na only the treated water from my J0yst!ck fit quench am…

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Me just form… Wetin man go do na… The way she carry start to dey press my J0yst!ck sef come dey send signal enter my drunken head.

I just dey kiss her and at the same time dey allow m0an escape from my mouth. My mind just dey sweet me say na confirm bush meat get me and for her side neh, I be confirm hunter. (Inna rowan biri da gada ko inna rowan kwai da aski) (wetin concern monkey concer bridge abi wetin concern egg with barbing).

As she dey sq££ze my J0yst!ck dey go, I just unplug my tongue from her mouth, lower my head go down a little bit come jam the Tip of her b0s0m. I carry my tongue comot come lick am slightly, the thing just send waves follow her body, ba so I turn my tongue to cowboy rope just scoop her Tips inside my mouth come begin dey sU-Ck am. The babe come dey release m0an like ush…ash…ssshhh… The more I dey hear the m0an, the more the intensity of my sU-Cking dey improve. The babe just dey romance my head, dey smooch my neck, all wetin she dey do no too make sense to my blurry mind but my eyes just come alive as she herself just go down on me. As her Tip comot from my mouth, I come dey reason wetin she wan do but the moment wey be say I feel this kind familiar warmness plus slurpy sound for my J0yst!ck, I just know say I don hammer lioness.

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