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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 25

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

Like say destiny send this guy come as e be say everybody attention come dey for him side, and to cap everything up, the guy sabi make person laugh. The guy dey throway joke here and dia, people dey laff while him just dey make him money. As I dey look the nyash, na so the subsidy bus just catch small break as e encounter small hold up for traffic light, na so everybody press go front, na that same time ma na im my body move in unision. Gbam!!

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My preek jam her soft nyash again but as everybody dey adjust go back, me adjust come from, come cover the small space between the girl nyash and my J0yst!ck. My preek come dey jubilate dey thank me, the cap come do im normal tingling. Temperature wey dey between me and the babe just increase small as I start to dey move my waist back and forth.

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Chei!!! ‘DUWAWU BA SHI DA IMMANI WALAHI… As my preek dey hit the nyash, the babe com carry one hand hold the railing for up, carry the other one stop me, my mind just blank.

Na so she raise her hand go up come motion me make I hear something, as I move closer, she come tell me say make I relax (see me see wahala oo… shey na she initialize am the first time), me come kuku form gentleman. As I stop the waist grinding and the J0yst!ck bashing the nyash, the babe just move her waist small come brush the J0yst!ck again. DAN Allah, ME NA YI? React na, my J0yst!ck whisper but I bone up, na so the babe come lean on me with her nyash, come begin dey tease me. She just dey rub my J0yst!ck side to side, use style hit am and the way wey she dey carry touch am just dey light to the point wey be say na my J0yst!ck cap come dey feel the impact.

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The person wey dey make noise inside car come begin yarn say him get medicine for energy wey fit make person wey im preek no stand for this life Molest woman. As the guy talk am, my ear just tanda…. You sure say no be wetin I need be this I begin reason am, I look the babe nyash, carry eye come down, look my preek… Raise eye go up look the Doctor…..

This na confirm decision making time… Nothing sweet pass adventure and this night, I go record the greatest of my adventure since I start to dey furck.

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